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Okay so i got my friend GTX 570 HD for christmas and i was wondering is there any difference between GTX 570 and GTX 570 Hd. I would have like for him to have the GTX 570 cuz it looks nicer with the rear fan and got slightly better reviews. But the HD was on sale.
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  1. no difference just inputs and long as stats are the same and you don't have any special inputs like 4 display ports for some unknown reason...its all the same.

    There isn't an official 570 HD..
  2. are you talking about this one?:

    when you mention rear fan i assume that is the reference version of GTX570. some people like the reference version design because the hot air was push out directly outside the case. but as long as your friend case have good air flow you don't have to worry about it.
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