PC won't boot after applying new thermal paste

Hello, my CPU was getting quite hot so I decided to apply new thermal paste, I removed the old paste using acetone and q-tips on both the heatsink and cpu and reapplied the thermal paste. After I did this however my pc won't boot and the CPU light is on meaning there is a problem with my cpu. How do I fix this?
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  1. You might have used too much thermal paste, and it spilled over the side and shorted some CPU pins. I'd suggest removing everything including taking the CPU out of the socket and checking it out for damage or if there's anything in there.
  2. I checked and can confirm that nothing spilled over the side and there is no dirt, lint or other particles touching the cpu pins, thanks for your answer though. Any other ideas as to what might have lead to this problem?
  3. You're going to want to look very closely - use a magnifying glass even - and look for any bent pins or any signs of damage on the CPU contacts. Burn marks, scratching, anything.

    Seems unlikely but maybe resetting the BIOS will work. Just clear the CMOS with the jumper.
  4. make sure everything is seated properly and all cables and whatnot are plugged in.
  5. After clearing the cmos 3 times and taking a nap (before I made this thread) I gave up, but somehow just dismounting the cpu and checking it for the 10th time while hoping for it to work when I put it back... Made it work
    So my pc is working again but this must be the strangest problem I've ever had, a problem that fixed it self!
    Again thanks for your replies.
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