The site is temporarily unavailable. Please come back soon.

I always get

The site is temporarily unavailable.
Please come back soon.

When I post something, why is that?
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  1. That's a good question. It happens after you have prepared a response and then it goes into a black-hole. My experience has been to be patient, open a new window and keep clicking Toms until it wakes up. Go back to the attempted post and try again. If you are lucky, your browser will inform you that it needs to resend the data (which means you long-constructed post is still in-que and will still get posted). If the data is not still waiting to be sent, your post is gone, need to make a new one. :fou:
  2. I find that when I get that page, I can just return to the forums, and my post is there. But its extra trouble, most users will expect to be taken their post
  3. Yes, and unfortunately this causes people to refresh the page over and over, reposting repeatedly until they either see the post or give up thinking it was lost.
  4. Ahh.. but we'll get a new platform any day now and these things will all be fixed.......... right?

  5. How are you posting? Quick reply or full reply? Is this for new threads, or responses? News articles commentary or here in the forum?
  6. It comes out of no-where. It may be from just showing up for the first time in the morning. Get a screen from Tom's saying site unavailable. Doesn't happen all that often. I don't see it as a problem worth pursuing. It just happens at a most in-opportune time sometimes (of course). It usually resets after a max of 5 minutes.

    Edit: Add screenshot
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