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6870 Graphics card installation issues (black screen)


I just brought a Powercolor HD 6870 and i installed all the drivers. THe video was fine while i was installing drivers. However after rebooting i only got a black screen. I could hear windows loading in the background. I have tried changing the video cables and using DVI and VGA cables but nothing has worked so far. ANy help would be much appreciated.


I just put my old graphics card back in and it worked perfectly. So im more confused now than before.

Graphics: Powercolor Radeon HD6870
PSU: Coolermaster 850w
Ram: 8gb
CPU: Phenom II x4 950
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  1. You are hooking both PCIe power leads from the PSU to the card?
  2. Yeah its hooked up properly, with the 2 6pin plugs
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    I suspect a faulty card can you try it in a different computer?
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