After a motherboard and CPU upgrade my PC wont boot

Hey everyone, i really need some help, I have essentially built a new PC and with my old mobo, CPU and RAM it was working fine, i have changed those components and it is no longer working, when i turn on the PSU i get a green light on the mobo so im assuming thats not where the issue lies.

i suspect i havent connected the power button to the mobo properly, in the picture the black and white twisted cable is the one that goes to the "on" button.

also i get no beeps or anything thats suggests an error, is there anyway to boot the PC without that button?
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  1. What model MB are you using?

    Make sure your connecting the case power button to the correct 2 pins on the MB, check your manual.

    Is the motherboard currently installed in the case? If so it seems you are missing a motherboard standoff / screw based on that picture. Make sure there is no additional motherboard standoffs touching the underside of the board, or anything else.
  2. im using an asus m5 a97 pro, i used to have a much smaller mother board and therefore do not have enough standoff screws, however i will change them about so its more stable, will check the manual now.

  3. I personally wouldn't use it without the right amount of stand offs, but thats just me.

    Your "on" switch power button needs to go to the correct 2 pins, I downloaded your MB's manual and based on the picture you put them on the wrong two. Plug the power switch to the PWRSW (Pwr / Ground) Page 2-24 in your MB manual.
  4. any reason as to why not, is there something i should be aware of?

    and ye i saw that to, that probably the main reason, thanks once again, ill confirm its work once i have finished re-installing everything
  5. I may or may not be correct about this one but I thought standoffs ground or help ground the MB.

    I am positive of is this: If you forget that you are missing some standoffs and go to install something where there is no support, you run a high risk of cracking the board.
  6. ahh right ok, in that case i will just be VERY careful when installing my GPU but i should be ok based on where i have placed the standoffs
  7. Good news, its booted up with no problems, it was simply the place i put the power switch, cheers
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