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What's the difference between different video card manufacturers?

Like Sapphire, HIS, XFX, Gigabyte, Asus, Powercolor, etc...

What's the difference between the same gpu but different manufacturers? Like what would be the difference between a Radeon HD 6850 by Sapphire and one by HIS or XFX? Aren't they all still pretty much the same - an AMD Radeon 6850? Also, I don't understand why there are different companies that make things that are all products from the same company (AMD).
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    simple answer: reliability , quality. yes, they have the same chip but the coolers are different in different company's, not talking about reference one. also, costumer service is an important part.between, from your specified list, i prefer sapphire, his, gigabyte, asus. i dont prefer xfx because every time i baugt a card from the it runs like hot hot hot. asus, gigabyte have very nice cooling solutions
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