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Video Card Benchmark # Question...

I've had numerous video cards/integrated graphics chipsets and have benchmarked them on this:

Video Card Stability Test

Anyway, I've been getting some interesting and contradicting results (compared to posted speeds of individual cards). My computer was a:
Phenom 8450, 2.1ghz Triple Core
430w PSU
4gb ddr2
Vista 64bit

Here are some results from the benchmark tool:

(HP Netbook) 1.6ghz Atom, Intel 3150 int.- 16 fps (just for a reference)

Nvidia GeForce 6150 se 128mb (integrated)- 26 fps

Sapphire HD5450 1gb ddr3- 79

MSI GT520- 140

Sapphire HD6670 1gb ddr5- 260
Tried the overclocking software, approx +10%- 272

Asus GT430 1gb ddr3 low profile- 280

(HD6770 on my new computer- 320)
(PhenomII 3.2ghz X4, 8gb ddr3, W7)

So my question is, the gt430 is supposed to be way slower than the hd6670, why does it score higher? Better drivers maybe? Are Nvidia cards are better for my AMD based system? Just wondering.
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  1. Did you run a driver cleaner to remove all remnants of previous graphics card device drivers before installing AMD's device driver for the Radeon HD 6670?
  2. I had problems loading the drivers, so I backed up my essential info and reformatted the hard drive. Then loaded the disc with a fresh hard drive and updated the drivers online. The 6670 was working properly. The 6770 on my new computer only gets a 320 on this utility as well. Not sure why the GT430 scored so high, when it's supposed to be so much slower than the 6670 or 6770. Maybe something to do with the Motherboard or AMD processor configuration, better drivers?

    And, No, I've never heard of a "driver cleaner". But my hard drive was clean.
  3. Different resolutions? Different settings?
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    Run 3dMark Vantage, see what you get. Some cards run better in some operations than others. That stability test does not really test out the capability of the cards.

    Think of it like the Mario Cart cars. You can have a car that is fast in acceleration, it will beat a slower car in a straight line, but once you hit curves it will fall behind to a car with better cornering and balance. What you need to do is run a test that tests many functions of the card not just a few. I have run that stability test before, and it's a pretty simple thing, not really made to benchmark cards, just heat them up to see if they crash.
  5. Yes, the same monitor/resolutions... that's what I was thinking too, about the utility. Sadly, all those cards are gone along with my old computer that I sold. I pulled the 6670, then sold it, bought the gt430 (got it for $42 after rebate) as a replacement for the person who bought my computer. 5450 is long gone, gt520 was put into my brother's computer...
  6. Seeing as its a synthetic utility, it might be inflating the Nvidia scores due to PhysX.
  7. My hd 6770 (OEM)
    3.2ghz Phenom II X4

    1568 on 3d Mark
    It lists it as a 5770 (I realize these are just rebadged into the 6---'s)
    It says it's equal/better to others like it...
    I have no other video cards to test on this system.
  8. I see there is a new driver released by ATI/AMD the last couple days, should I download it or is my card always updated automatically by Windows Updates???
  9. Since you don't have the other card to test with, you can't compare that number on your system, see if you can find the test results with your CPU using the 430.

    I'd keep the drivers the same if you don't have any issues with speeds, sometimes updates break things more than fix them.
  10. My uses are mainly my personal photography/hd video rendering-editing, I've started playing SAS Zombie Assault 3 online... do I need (or want) to upgrade or is the 5770/6770 ideal for my purposes? I was thinking about upgrading to a gtx550ti or hd6850... Also thinking about "downgrading" to a card that is mainly suited better for 1080p rendering (I may be wrong but the Nvidia cards are better at this).

    I've heard of PhysX, but I don't think I understand what it is...
  11. GPU rendering can speed things up a lot, as long as the software can take advantage of it. Check with whatever software you use for that and see what it can work with.
  12. Tested over 6000 on Passmark... I can play real games on the streaming networks. Thanks.
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