P5kpl-am se gtx 580

Hey i am planning to buy a gtx 580 from asus, will it work on my p5kpl-am se?
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  1. Yes it will work but what is your other hardware that you are matching this with? If it is an old core2duo maybe some of that money would be better spent towards other components of the system.
  2. I run on Win7 x64bit, 4gb ram(2 per slot) and a Core2Duo E7500
  3. That is a lot of card for the E7500 to handle!
  4. But is it possible with my CPU? im not going to OC it and i cant upgrade the whole system at the moment.
    i want to get this card cause im sick of not having to enjoy the new games around the block, my current card sucks.
    im planning to get this card so that i can use it when i change other parts of my PC
  5. Well it is the most powerful single GPU card on the market and your CPU is not going to keep up with it even if you overclock it. Buying it now and sticking it in that system temporarily is all fine if you are planning an upgrade in the near future just make sure that you have a PSU that can handle it!
  6. Can a core2quad support it? cause thats the max possible on my mobo and what power supply can you recommend for the card?
    i bet my supply cant handle it also. I appreciate your help and advice
  7. I would at minimum run a Quality 600-650 watt PSU with that card. A quad overclocked past 3GHz is the minimum CPU that can keep up with it.
  8. Can a Corsair 650tx power the card?
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