What graphic cards for my Slimline model s3481d

Hi. Well you see my slimline model is a s3481d. My current PSU is 160w. I want a better graphic card that can run current gen games with no hassle on low-mid settings. Also i do not want to change my PSU so your help will be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance!
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  1. not much you can really do with that PC as far as games go.
  2. Well atleast wait till i get my console (if i am getting 1) so please suggest me something.
  3. Looking at the specs for that system, they seem to think a low profile Geforce 8400GS will work in that system.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Woah now wolfie he said he wanted to play newer games not old games from the past and an 8400 lowpro WILL not do it not even for games from 5 years ago
  5. A new PSU would need to be acquired board and processor may be alright but not for getting very high resolution as they would bottleneck any good video card. Then there is the case its way too small to support a video card that will play any new games. PERIOD!! The machine this OP has is good for Office/home office nothing more nothing less. Lets go one bit further and ask would you try to use an old Xbox to play Xbox 360 games .......... NOPE I think not it just wont do it. Sorry my friend but If you want to play games build a gamer or buy an XBOX 360 or PS3 the latter 2 would be cheaper.
  6. I would go with a Radeon 5570, it can be found in low profile format, and really its the best you are going to get from your slimline machine. They are rather hard to find in low-profile, yet when you do, they are generally the best you can have in terms of low profile.

    It also seems as if his computer already comes with an 8400GS low profile, so whether or not the power supply would power it is out of the question. (Although it is 160W, maybe pushing it).
  7. 5570 wont play these games at a decent resolution or at a decent framerate I have one in my office PC and I tried to play a couple of games just to pass the time and I would have rather played my PSP go
  8. Hey sorry I have to change my my answer a bit There is a 6670 low profile that might do so light gaming but the level of detail wont be as much as a PS3 it costs 89 bucks on newegg. right now and it would work for your pc. On top of that it would cost less than a PS3 or XBOX or new gamer PC. Why dont you pick it up and tell us how it works for you. Maybe next time it might be suggested from the start. Although this reply does not and should not take away from my previous post entirely. I still think that if one wants to game on a pc shell out the cash or get a console.
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