New Build loses video output, still running

hi all, i built a non-gaming rig, more for my mom to do her financial work on yesterday, and she said that she booted it and it was working fine, she left it for 30 minutes and when returned the screen was black but the machine was still running and that she couldnt get it to return by pressing space repeatedly or shaking the mouse. i disabled hibernation via command prompt so i dont think it is that. any suggestions please?
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  1. Did you try the power button?
    Check the bios for wake on mouse & keybd is set to enabled/on also.
  2. yes she said that she tried powering down and that pressing on/off did not do anything (i know the button works because it can turn on the machine) so she unplugged it. she also said the radiator was putting off a little heat but not too much.

    its a 3570k btw, no discrete gpu
  3. dont forget to check the bios settings.
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