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I recently put together a new system after selling my old AMD system. In it is an ASRock Z77 Pro3 mother board, and Intel i5-2500k, 750w xfx xxx full modular PSU, 8gb corsair vengeance ram 2x2 1600 mhz, 500gb western digital caviar blue drive, and a GTX 570. At first I was a getting some blue screens, and was able to solve the issue by tweaking some settings in BIOS and nVidia control panel, power settings, etc. It seemed that I had it all solved and squared away, but now I am getting randomly occuring freeze ups. Just completely locks up the system, cant do anything, wont reboot itself, frozen screen, no looping sound like a blue screen. Just completely freezes. I was wondering if anyone has any insight in to what this may be, and if someone could walk me through fixing it if they do happen to know what is causing it. At first it seemed to happen jsut during games, but I realized that it happens pretty randomly, as it just happened recently during web browsing. Please help. Is it a ram issue? Or maybe it is a compatibility issue with the 2500k and mother board (z77) or mother board and ram/video card or a combination of anything. I have tried a bunch of things and nothing seems to work. Please help!
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  1. Try running your ram at 1333 (stock) after checking the voltage of the ram and making sure its set properly in the bios. Use memtest to verify your ram; let it run overnight if you can. Then you can overclock it and restest again.
  2. Why would I overclock it? I never said that it is overclocked. Anyways, I ran memtest before but I will do it again. Also, I thought that the stock was 1600 on my ram, but is it actually 1333? Now im confused.....
  3. ddr3 stock speed and voltage is 1333mhz at 1.5v
    1600 is overclocked and I like to eliminate all overclocks when troubleshooting.

    Why just yesterday I was working on a simular issue to yours, his would spontaneously reboot, and found he had 2000/ 1.75v ram running at 1866/1.5v.
    Fixed the voltage issues and it ran 6hrs just fine.
  4. Alright I will check ram voltages and such and report back.
  5. Alright I went into bios and changed my ram frequency from 1600 to 1333. The voltage was at 1.5v which is normal, and I'll see if it freezes again. Also, is there anything that should be enabled/disabled with my processor? I disabled a few things when I got my computer put together such as c1e and things like that.
  6. C1E is just low power states, not a major concern imo.
    Corsair vengence only comes in 1.35v and 1.5v so I didnt think that would be an issue but I know some boards dont like overclocked memory in certain slots, esp some AMD boards. let us know how your testing goes.
  7. So it seemed to be going fine but it froze up again, out of the blue. It seems to mostly happen when gaming but a few times it has been during just browsing. I have tried so many things and just can't seem to figure it out.
  8. I ran a memory test and it came back fine. Should i try changing what slots the memory is in?
  9. You ran testing overnight?
  10. I did. Came up negative. Memory is fine. However I did do some research and found some info and tweaked some voltages on my cpu and such and havent had it freeze up for a few days now. Things are looking good. Thanks for the help, I will update if it freezes again.
  11. Try this.

    Reset the CMOS memory the right way as is described in the motherboard manual using the clear CMOS link with the power cord unplugged.
    How To Clear CMOS @ http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/tp/clearcmos.htm
  12. It's okay. Already fixed. Thanks everyone for the input! Tweaked the PCH Voltage and PLL voltage, etc. Haven't had a freeze yet.
  13. jrwizbang said:
    It's okay. Already fixed. Thanks everyone for the input! Tweaked the PCH Voltage and PLL voltage, etc. Haven't had a freeze yet.

    I am having similar issues currently and was wondering what information you got to tweak your voltages?
  14. johnfredone said:
    I am having similar issues currently and was wondering what information you got to tweak your voltages?

    Basically all I did was go through, and bump up each voltage a tiny tiny bit above what ever default is. Once you do that just start up, see if it crashes. After doing this once mine was fine. Continue to do this in tiny increments until there is no crashing. Once mine was no longer crashing, I went and would bring a voltage back down to default, and if there were still no issues afterwards, I knew that it wasn't that that was causing the issues. I did this until I narrowed it down to one or two voltages and left those right above default and haven't had any issues since! I hope that helps, if you need any additional advice do not hesitate to ask.
  15. ive had exact same issue with my pro3 and 2500k, ive checked each one individually and have ran stress tests; like you said, it is random. i have been trying new hdds also. i recently fixed my cpu voltages, ram suggested voltages, suggested timings but it still froze while gaming. my last attempt is updating to the current drivers from asrock. i noticed that these drivers are not installed automatically so i think its driver related. if i still freeze ill post again.
  16. as soon as i wrote this thread my pc shut down, ill probably attempt to return it tomorrow. i'll go ahead and get an asus if i can. maybe yall can respond with something before it i pack it up
  17. Have you tried tweaking the voltages? Like really go through the bios and search through the voltages and tweak each to be just above normal. See if that helps.
  18. as of now i've ran 12 hours of prime95 blend and furmark. this crap is so random is bothers me
  19. I dont mean cpu voltages. I mean everything else on the mobo. Prime95 won't tell you anything.
  20. As thread is open i'll report my solution in case if anyone needs it.
    I had exactly same problem. completely random system hung with repeating sound, no BSD.

    same config as OP, just running HD7850.
    Tried everything, reseated all cables, ran memory at 1333, borrowed better PSU from fiend etc. system was passing stress tests, memtest, furmark, then crashing. sometimes during games, sometimes just web browsing.

    I found that Beta driver catalyst 12.11 had note:
    Resolves a sporadic system hang encountered with a single AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series GPU seen on X58 and X79 chipsets.

    This mobo has Z77 chipset but driver resolved problem, no crashes in several days :knock on a tree:
  21. I have the Pro 3 77 and the i5-2500K as well in a system put together last May. I have been getting random lock-ups ever since. Neither memtest nor any other test has found any problems. I recently reseated my memory and updated BIOS to 1.90 and had no lock-ups for 5 or so days, thinking the problem was solved. Boom, it locked up and gave a sound loop around 30 minutes ago.
    I haven't tried the voltages, but to tell you the truth I'm not that familiar with changing them and would love more guidance. We'll see, though.
  22. I actually took a look and, though I didn't touch the voltages (yet, perhaps), I did notice the memory was clocked slightly lower than it was supposed to be. I changed it and we'll see. No crashes yet, but they are so random the next could come after a couple hours or several days.
  23. Crash occurred during game last night (the same sudden lock-up and sound loop that can only be fixed by resetting PC). I guess I will have to try the voltages....or simply replace this freakin' Asrock.
  24. I bumped up the PCH and PLL voltages by one level each on Feb 9 and haven't had a crash since. We'll see how long this goes, though....
  25. Feb 13 and still no lock up....just in case anyone can use this in the future. I know I looked endlessly for a solution to this.
    But though 4 days is pretty good without a lockup, we'll see if it continues. It could be just luck.
  26. My PC wouldn't restart once after a hibernation since I changed the two voltages, but I have not had the lock-up problem yet.
  27. A full 10 more days without the infamous lock-up. In all, 17 days without since I changed the PCH and PLL voltages. It might not be cured, but if I can go this long, things are at least moving in the right direction.
    If you have a Asrock Z77 and are experiencing random lock-ups or freezes with a sound loop, try bumping up a couple of the CPU voltages in BIOS and perhaps this will solve (or at least help) your problem as well.
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