How to operate 3 monitors from 1 ati radeon 6870HD card.

Two Samsung Syncmaster B2230 on the DVI inputs. One LG 19" flat screen tv on outer mini display port. No matter how I try to configure it, I can get 2 monitors out of three. I am not doing something right, but what is it?
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  1. not sure. there are plenty of guides out there but if you provide a screenshot of your windows screen resolution window that would help.
    for windows 7 its just (right click on the desktop and click on "screen resolution"
    to capture the screen just hit print screen on your keyboard and paste it into any picture program, like paint.
    if your still in windows xp right click on the desktop, click properties then click the settings tab. take the screen the same way.

    i would also like to know what your monitors are showing. like if one is the same as another or if one is just not getting any signal.
  2. Of the three monitors, two are active, showing two different pictures- I used display fusion to achieve this. The third monitor does not show anything. Unfortunately I have the paint results of the two screens and the screen resolution, but it wil not print on this reply, but it does show two screens at recommended resolutions. Perhaps you could let me have an e'mail address to which I could send them as they appear to want to go as emails. But I would accept it if you were reluctant to do that.
  3. if im right as soon as you use the hdmi output or mini dp the second dvi get deactivated

    your suposed to have mini-dp+hdmi/vga+dvi to get three screen runing and a display adaptor
    called mini-dp active display adaptor

    Do you have an active display port dongle in your hook up from the mini-display port?
  5. No, just a female hdmi port. I have been looking for anything that would get me the three displays, but so far have been unable to do that.

    You need to buy one of these mini-active display port dongles to use in your 3rd screen setup
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