New 5970 shutting off, help!

Hey all, I got my new PC with a 5970 about a week ago, and I'm having some issues .

Seemingly randomly (once, left computer to run a memtest, another time in BF3, and another just browsing the web) the 5970's usually quiet-ish fan shoots up to 100% speed (very loud), and the screen goes black. Looking at the card, there's a red light. At first I thought it was overheating or something, but I've never seen it go above 80 at load. Also, it's done this at idle as well =(
I'll list my specs:

Corsair 750W PSU
ASUS Z68 Pro Motherboard
Saphire 5970

Is it a faulty card?

PS: WHen this happens, the computer dosen't work. Even holding the power button dosen't turn it off, I was forced to cut the power the hard way.
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  1. I would go ahead and RMA the card.
  2. +1 rolli59
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