PWM fan with antec 620 cooler?

EDIT UPDATE: I ended up not using the antec 620 and sticking with my venx heatsink. Read below for more info.

I have an antec 620 cooler waiting to be installed and was wondering if it would be okay to use a Pwm fan with it. I would use a 3 pin header for the pump and the cpu 4 pin header for the fan ideally.

Just want to cover my bases and make sure this is okay to do. Id rather not have a fan blowing full force if its not needed.

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    That should work fine!
  2. The Antec design has the fan speed controlled by the pump electronics.

    The fan plugs into a lead from the pump, and its speed is controlled by electronics in the pump. You'd expect an RPM-controlled fan to be a PWM version with a standard four-pin connector, but Antec's fan uses a three-pin connector with only two wires (presumably power and ground).
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I wasn't sure if the fan would be controlled via the pump or not. Some people were saying their fan when plugged into the pump was running at 100% all the time.
  4. Update: Tried the PWM fan, an Enermax UCTB12P. It worked like you'd expect. But was way to loud. Fan RPM was much higher then when it was settled on my venmous x heatsink. Had it set up to exhaust the heat. Temps sucked.

    Removed the pwm fan and put in a TR silent x fan. Positioned the fan to intake air. Plugged fan into the female connector on the pump. Fan won't even power on =/. Temps are in 40s without fan even working. Going to have to open her up again and plug the fan into a working header and see what happens.

    Not happy with this thing so far.

    Update: Fan is powered on now through fan controller. Running at 1000-1050RPM. Idle temps dropped to a more reasonable 35-40 range.

    Update: Ran Prime, temps were in mid 60s
    Think I might return this thing.
  5. Mid 60's is not bad for Prime which is a load case you will never see in normal use! Check with gaming load!
  6. BF 3 - hour session yielded 56-56-53-53 temps on all four cores.

    I know prime isn't the best gauge for normal use. But its great for comparisons. Example being my venomous X heatsink. My VenX temps were comparable to this unit. The pump is kind of annoying with the clicking noise. And the fan connector on the pump doesn't work. Might have return/exchange just for that reason as I wan't to be able to sell it later on down the road if I do decide to keep it.
  7. A good air cooler would always be my choice!
  8. I decided to do some more testing. Perhaps this thread may help someone later on down the road. I put back in my TR Venomous X and used my 3 pin 120mm X-silent fan in a push configuration. The same fan I was using during my last test with the Antec 620.

    Idle temps: VenX with X-silent in push -

    Load (prime) temps: Venx with X-silent in push -

    Temps are better than the antec 620 and with only one fan in a push configuration at only 1050rpm. And no annoying pump clicking noise. Think I'm going to stick with my venX for now.
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