Need GPU and PSU [$150 max, cheaper if possible]

Okay, so my buddy is looking for an upgrade for his system to play SW:TOR on decent settings.

Nothing huge, and I just don't have the time to look around right now, so I thought I would come to you geniuses!

He bought a HP Pavilion p6720f awhile back and isn't thrilled with his performance.

He also has a Radeon HD 4300/4500, which I know isn't spectacular either, so any help would be amazing.

He's looking to spend as little as possible to make it playable (getting like 20ish FPS on low settings) so keep it under $150.

Any and all help would be appreciated!! Thank you guys.
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  1. Is your fault, why didn't you tell him to avoid buying HP desktop and help him to build a pc? :lol:

    PSU: Antec 430W
    GPU: HIS 6750
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