I need help for a graphics card

hii i am Siddharth Chandra from india and i want to know that will a HIS Radeon hd 4350 512mb ddr2(64bit)pci card will work in my pc
my specs:

Hp dc7600 ultraslim pc
ram 2gb
hardisk 580 gb
integrated intel gma 950
and one full height pci slot not(PCIE)

I need help and i will be xtreme thankful!!!!!!!!!!if u provide me information that it will fit in that pc it is ultraslim!!!!plzzzzzzz help
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  1. I think you better build a new PC. This is really old.
  2. dude if that graphic card is fit for my pc then whats the point of spending such a lot of money for building up a new pc its not easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes but even if it fits your computer will still be not fast.
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