$500 Diablo 3 ready build using old parts with new...

A few things to list for basic information.

1 We using taxes so money is short.

2 We're buying 2 of each of these one set for me one for wife.

3 We are using the old hard drives from our current PCs because they are still new-ish. They do have more than enough room and an OS already installed. My wife and i both have externals for mass storage.

4 We are using some of our old parts monitors DVD drive etc.

5 This is the first time I've looked to building a computer since the 90's so it's been a few days research with work etc interrupting.

6 I would like anyone with some experience to take a look over and let me know if anything is incompatible. If you have alternatives that don't kill the price that would be great.

7 We know some of the things seem like it's too much for the other pieces. We are however upgrading again later on when we've saved some more money.
(back in stock)

lots of room for any motherboard at a later time along with lots of fans and LCD temp monitor for overclock if we decide later to put off upgrading longer
*NOW ->
(sale went off on 2nd one)

(still true so not changing) cheap-ish and on the Diablo 3 list for high settings

the PSU should be more than enough as the minimum was 573 W and recommended was 623w with with extra items thrown in and all settings to 100% at 30% capacitor aging to simulate an older system with some potential upgrades... for the price and life (and the 5 year warranty) it should do well

the old 573-623W range was with more parts very aged and all power running at 100%... easily able to drop to 550W and the reviews showed a good company rep actually checking up on the reviews... may not be the best of customer service as i don't know the company (been out of the building biz for a long time) but that's a good first step I'd say

the motherboard does have 4 slots and 32GB potential so more ram later will be easy to pick up... also easy to put 2 of them from one PC into the other and get a couple of 8gb sticks later as pricing drops like it always does giving us both a quick cheap upgrade to 16GB


USB 3.0
1155 chipset
fairly cheap and can upgrade to an i7 later also has an extra PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.0 if needed later along with good ram space...
unfortunately only 1333 FSB but price was prohibitive on other boards i was finding to suit what we wanted and if what i read was correct the ram will still be fine just running at 1333 instead of 1600 (if i'm wrong tell me... not 100% on the terms here... like i said a couple days light research between work schedules.... it's been almost 20 years since i last built a PC...)

and finally the CPU... best i could find that fit everything with a low price... definitely would love to upgrade this first later but for now we had to have SOMETHING in it... and Diablo does require at 2.8GHz so good there... would have liked something better... so if you know of anything that won't kill the price and give an actual noticeable increase in performance please link me to it

Changing to

all in all it should be a cheap efficient build and if I'm not too sleep deprived here i think I've check comparability well enough now that there shouldn't be any issues...

would love anything that would save money especially or increase performance enough to warrant spending more but i do have to fix my car as well lol....


Edit: update on the items...
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    i say....spring for a core i3 (blizzard games tend to be more cpu limited than gpu limited) and skip the 550ti and go for a 6850. they are the same price.
  2. You are gonna end up reinstalling Windows anyhow as itll be a different chipset and whatnot for your motherboard.
  3. I would say go with the i3 and the ATI 6850
  4. Don't worry diablo3 isn't coming out anytime soon, you have plenty of time. Ivy Bridge and the new mid-range radeon cards will out in 1-2 months I would wait until then if diablo 3 is the only reason your building the gaming computers for.
  5. I didn't know that the OS would have to be reinstalled. It's been forever since I've done this so thanks for the info vrumor.

    I AM NOT asking about tips on cracking windows or anything like that. However would our current windows keys work if we were to just burn a windows install disk or would we have to purchase a new one? We're unsure on the legalities since it's the same HD. We're just reinstalling and it's not like we're trying to make 2 computers use the same key. The old computer is essentially being destroyed in the rebuild so..

    I agree on the vid card def better. My wife had me looking at nvidia products only

    The processor doesn't seem to be a huge leap forward to me although it could just be me...

    If this is the wrong product than you were suggesting link me to a different one please.

    As i see it the differences are:

    3.3 vs 3.0 Ghz.... Is that going to be enough of a difference to increase by $60? ($30 for each of us)

    Hyper-Threading Support Yes/No (unsure how important this is after reading a little on it as i rarely run multiple instances of high end programs... like i wouldn't be playing 2 games at once or opening multiple clients of the same game very often... if there's better reasons for this support to be important let me know)

    Integrated Graphics Intel HD Graphics 2000 vs Intel HD Graphics (entirely unsure what the difference is or how much of a difference it can make)

    Also since that one didn't have it listed in the details this one
    has something listed to compare to:

    Multimedia Instruction SSE4.1/4.2 vs SSE4.1/4.2, AVX (apparently i fail at google as i can't find out the difference with this "AVX")

    also the build is not entirely just for D3 but want to be D3 ready... it's time to upgrade by far... we play a few other games currently and it would be great to be able to play at a decent rate than we are... at current we have some old $300 emachines (probably worth $50-100 now....) and we may wait and look to see what comes out a lil bit longer... thanks for the advice ivan
  6. eww the cases are out of stock so i have to go and find new ones now -_-
  7. I believe it is possible to reuse the same windows key, but not if its an OEM install. They're very picky about what kind of hardware they will validate on.

    I've heard you can call microsoft and tell them that you've changed your motherboard and they'll activate the key for you, but I've never tried it.
  8. yes you can retrieve your product key from your already installed windows. im not sure of the legalities either (everything would be illegal if you ask microsoft i guess). it would require the same version of windows you already have.
    As far as the processor goes, they are both good processors. either one would work. personally i think the core i3 is worth the 30 upgrade. you won't see a major performance increase (read frames per second) if you are playing a game, but in general usability, (especially if you have something running in the background while playing) the core i3 would be a better choice. either one will work fine for your build. and i don't think the integrated graphics would matter much since you aren't going to be using it anyways. if it's strictly out of your budget, you can try getting a smaller power supply. that's a great power supply, don't get me wrong. i have that exact one, but mine's pushing a core i5 2500k with two 6870's in crossfire. and a single 6850 doesnt require much power at all.
  9. well we won't have taxes back for about a week still so prices and availability of items... (like the friggin case) may change so the build may a little but as is yeah i'll switch the card... still iffy on the processor but i usually have game booster kills just about everything and go into gaming mode anyway when playing with something so... also no Norton/McAfee to eat up all the memory... i have a few other programs to take over in that dept that aren't as intense... although i do tend to leave Firefox open and sometimes it's a hog... so maybe I'll spring for it... I'll edit the original when i find another case me and the wife like.... may be worth reusing her old case since mines a tiny thing... then we could pull off the processor... dunno... thanks for the help so far i'll keep checking back :)
  10. Edited and now over budget... around $600 now with shipping but we thing we can pull off the extra $ instead of spending more later... thanks for the suggestions any other comments welcome
  11. any reason you went with the i3 2125 over the 2120? only difference i see is the integrated graphics
  12. nope and changed it... saved a good lil chunk and now down to $1,164.88 with shipping and all thanks

    Anyone have any tweaks to take $ off without too much or any loss of performance like that i'll be happy to look :D

    also one problem i noticed going back over it all... the case has 3 120MM fans and 1 250MM fan... the motherboard has room for 1 CPU and 3 system fans... that leaves me 1 fan short... can the 250 MM fan be connected to the PSU and just run continuously? or... i have no idea on this... and i'd like all the parts to run... if absolutely necessary i could dive back in and see if i can find a new motherboard for the extra fan... or barring that just leave one of the 2 rear fans unhooked...
  13. well if you ask me how to save a bit of money on your build i would say the power supply. if you look here,3099-11.html last years $600 pc (which includes a i5 2500k and a radeon hd 6870) the total power draw with cpu and gpu under load is 239 watts. those two will use the most power in a system. your i3 and 6850 will use less power than that. even adding another 6850 (which is around 130watts) i think this would be enough or this . that's just my opinion.

    By the way, looking at the pictures of your case, it looks like all the fans have molex connectors, so you won't plug them into the motherboard, you will plug them directly into the power supply.
  14. furry_roadkill said:
    any reason you went with the i3 2125 over the 2120? only difference i see is the integrated graphics

    Because you get a 200mhz faster processor for 3 more dollars.
  15. Best answer i drunk already?? i thought they were both 3.3 ghz. but the 2125 has the intel hd 3000 graphics core and the 2120 has the hd 2000 graphics. and the price difference is $21 on newegg. unless i am drunk then plz disregard. LOL
  16. no apparently I was. I apologize. I got the 2125 and the 2120 mixed up. However if you have a micro center near you, they have the 2125 for 119.00
  17. lol i HATE microcenter. they always have these stupid specials all the damn time and i don't have one in my city. stupid microcenter. ugh!
  18. don't worry. Their taxes are terrible :(
  19. no Microcenter... never even heard of them but will droop down to the
    after seeing the reviews on it and the manufacturer actually looking over and sending people to their tech department it sold me on their customer support at the very least... could be a nightmare to deal with the actual tech support but... even so at least they have a company rep looking over reviews of their product... so they did at least put a good foot forward... editing original post again to the swap... we had originally done the power test and aged the computer and added more than we thought we'd ever actually load to come up with the numbers... so 550W will probably be more than enough even after aging it

    thanks again... new price total.... (cause some of the sales dropped off we had planned on using)

    1197.66 for both computers with shipping down from 1237.66 (old price jumped -_-)

    may wind up looking back through and seeing if anything is cheaper still around the same quality/performance... def wasn't planning on hitting $600 each :(
  20. saved a bit more by going with new video card too (different manufacturer same raedon)... down to $1,175.49 with shipping and checking other pieces...

    found cheaper memory too so now down to $1,143.49

    we'll be ordering tomorrow unless there's something anyone thinks we should change for a reason that sits well.... otherwise i think we're good to go

    thanks for all the help :hello:

    (also just because it was funny and fury has been the most helpful selecting that as best answer lulz)

    Edit: trying not to spam so just editing this last reply
  21. Best answer selected by Catteni.
  22. how about you take a look at this catteni

    i didn't look through your entire list of requirements (i got confused) but this is a microatx board with alot of the stuff you were looking at. combo (with the i3 2120) comes out to $228 which if im not mistaken is the same price as the msi board with the i3. it's a z68 chipset so it has support for faster memory, along with smart response, quick sync and 2x pci8 slots. It has better reviews than the msi board and i've generally had great results with gigabyte. So basically you are getting more features for the same price if you ask me. Not trying to sway your decision, this one may not work for you since it's a micro atx and some people are anal about having huge boards, im just offering options. :)

    btw quick sync is for faster video encoding and smart response is so that you can add a very small ssd for caching. Im not trying to say you don't know this, but i know u've been out of the loop with building stuff. Good luck with your build man!
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