Computer will turn on and everything goes as normal but no display?

PS:Mod X stream Pro 600W
CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 at 4.1GHz
RAM: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz

Hello! My computer worked perfectly fine, then I added 4gbs of additional memory to the already 4GB of memory, and for some reason when I did that the computer turns on but gives no display. I get no display from either a graphics card (I have tried 2 different ones) or the built in graphics...I have no Idea what's going on??? Everything turns on ok, it seems like it would be normally booting up but no display at all? I have even tried multiple monitors, removing the memory, checking each one at a time, clearing CMOS etc...I've tried everything...can anyone help???
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  1. First rule of upgrading: try to upgrade one componente if possible. Check.

    Second rule: if something doesn't work, immediately back up to the previously working configuration. What happens when you do that?
  2. If computer is not working after adding memory, then maybe ram is not connected properly or new ram is not matching with previous one.

    Try re-seat the ram properly or check two ram spec, e.g. bus.
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