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Which Graphics Card from these two? Please answer me URGENTLY ;)

In my country (Malta,Europe), we only have two different Geforce gts450 2GB, MSI and Gainward. Which do you think I should buy? these are the info for the two:

msi: [...] v=Overview

gainward: [...] .pdf?s=920

thanks alot!

P.S I know I don;t need the 2GB, but it's the only one we've got here in Malta! So please , just choose one of these 2 and give me the answer ;)
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  1. Your links doesn't work for me.
  2. Ok Sirrsjutt, just wait a bit and I will repost them. Please WAIT! ;)
  3. Best answer
    I don't think you will notice any big difference between these cards, but I would choose the MSI card since theres better memory clock speed on that one.

    Rest of the infos seems to match so MSI it is. :)
  4. Thanks alot!

    Anyone else with another idea/opinion or help he would like to give, please do so! thanks!
  5. I agree with Sirrsjutt. They are a much of a muchness the only real difference being the increased memory clock speed on the MSI.

    My vote goes to MSI.
  6. +1 for the MSI for the memory speed. ( and that color of the Gainward :pfff: )
  7. Thanks to all!!!! KEep the replies comning, more opinions is better!

    For now, I'm going to agree and choos the MSI! thanks! :)
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