Buzzing sound from speakers since new Wi-Fi card was installed

So my setup is

Intel i5 2500k
ASRock P67 Pro3
Western Digital Caviar black 1tb
G-Skill 2*2GB Ripjaws X DDR3 1600
Corsair CX500V2

Recently I brought a Linksys WMP 600 N ( and installed it into this system.

Almost as soon as I did I noticed this annoying buzzing sound coming out of the speakers, its the sound you sometimes get before your computer blue screens actually, and some mouse lag and video stuttering for the duration of the buzzing, which happened while I was watching some videos. A while later I was playing some Skyrim and the same thing was happening.

I fiddled around for a while and tried to update the drivers, but that didn't work so I moved the card from the PCI slot closest to my video card to the next one along. I thought this had fixed it, but I while later it started happening again, its now much less frequent but still really annoying. Before I try and move it to another PCI slot I want to ask here in case people know what the actual cause of the problem is.
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  1. It sounds like either the wif-fi card or the speakers lack proper shielding. Move the wi-fi add-in card as far from the sound output and speaker wires as you can.
  2. put the wmp 600 adaptor to the lower pci slot and move antenna so the dont got uupward toward the sound connector you could rotate them or put them strait to the back also try between the 2.4 or the 5 of give less issue
  3. It seems to be a lot better, I'll give it a few days and see if its completely gone or just happening less.

    In case it does happen again, I'm guessing it was probably due to magnetic interference from the wires coming out of the back of the case, would that be right?
  4. you could also try shielded cable for the audio output to cut wireles signal from the audio one or use a antenna extender like this one
  5. I have this problem too.. i recently bought a cisco wifi range extender and began getting buzzing and lag. I've updated everything searched all the forums and couldnt find the problem. While reading this thread i remembered that since installing the range extender there are 2 networks with teh same name i can connect to. I checked and for some reason i was connected to both networks. As soon i i disconnected from one the problem went away.. dont know if it's just coincidence, i dont know much about computers, but it seems to be working for me now
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