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I've been doing some research and found older threads/blogs that state that Vista's Media Center will not work with ClearQAM channels. Has that been fixed? I'd like to add a TV Tuner Card and connect my Basic Cable to the PC (which should have ClearQAM channels) and record in HD, then display on my TV via the Xbox360. Is this possible? Or do I need to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 to do this (if that's the case I might as well build a new PC).

Additionally, I head that ClearQAM and Windows Media Center might have issues if I buy Windows as OEM or retail. I'm not sure if this was with Vista or Win7. Any help?
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  1. Because the PC and TV are not close enough together that would make this practical to do. It would be really expensive to buy a high enough quality HDMI cable to run that distance. Since the Xbox has media center, it seemed like a good way to avoid a long cable run.
  2. This post: mentions that Vista OEM is what had the TV Tunner Pack installed? MY PC is a Dell 530, so it no doubt had an OEM version of Vista. How can I tell if the Media Center app can work with ClearQAM (short of buying a tunner and connecting the cable)?
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