System interrupts wont close

My computer keeps overheating due to high cpu usage and random spikes and shuts down. I downloaded process explorer and the random spikes seem to be coming from the system interrupts as well as svchost.exe. None can be terminated because it says the parameter is incorrect.. I ran a virus scan( found nothing) and performed a registry cleanup which helped it a little but it still shuts down on me RANDOMLY. Can anyone explain what this means and how to get my comp back to normal?? i recently performed a factory reset, i don't know if that had any sort of effect but it seemed to be heating up a lot even before that.. I have an acer aspire laptop. I would appreciate it very much if anyone has some info on this
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  1. Generally speaking, it usually isn't possible to address any kind of heat problem from within Windows.

    The best way to address such problems usually involves focusing on the cooling aspect.

    Perhaps using the laptop in a colder area would make it work better, o rperhaps you can shoot some spray air into the fan port and see if you can get some dust out of it.
  2. As Raiddinn says it is a heat issue. There are a few causes of heat issues in laptops and the most common is dustbunnies - the bad thing there is once they develop, disassembly is almost always required for proper cleaning of the heatsink (using compressed air may force the dustbunnies off the heatsink but, they will simply get blown back onto it when the fan comes on again). YouTube has quite the offering on videos about disassembling laptops (search for your model) and many of them have to do with cleaning the heatsink.
    Another possibility is that your interior fan is dying... laptop fans tend to slow down with time it seems, becoming less effective - replacing the fan may be needed.
    I did manage to keep my laptop alive for a while (until I could fix it - took 4 disassemblies) by using a laptop cooler such as this one here
    You can monitor your temps using Coretemp or other free program.
    As far as the interrupts and service host constant running, it will continue to do that until you get the temp issue under control (I have theories on why but no factual knowledge there).
    In the mean time, if you have any settings set to performance, change those to economy (it'll make you run a little cooler for now)
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