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Hi, I'm kind of new here, hope I posted in the right place.

At this moment I've got a Silverstone Raven RV01 case with inside:
- Asus P6X58D-E
- 6GB 1600Mhz RAM
- Coolermaster 850W Silent Pro Power supply
- Intel 960 i7 @ 3.20Ghz
- 2x Sapphire HD6950 Dirt 3 edition (2GB)

Now I've got a slight problem. So far, since there's about a couple of millimeters in between my 2 graphics cards, while gaming I've had 101 degrees celcius so far. Now there were 2 things I'd want.
1. Getting a TV card in it as well
2. Getting my temperature a bit lower

I was thinking about getting some water cooling system for the GPU's only. But had no idea how much it would cost for something like that. That way there would be a slot in between which could be used as slot for the TV card.

My 2nd idea was more of a question. Perhaps I could find a way to fit the graphics card into the case when i could change my PCI speed from 1x 16x 16x (as of how it looks on the picture, left nothing, 2 cards on the right) to 16x 1x 16x so that there would be 1 free slot in between the 2 cards.

I'm hoping anyone could give me some help on this.
& I'm sorry for the crappy quality of the picture.

PC inside


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  1. 101c is dangerous. That is fry range.

    Some basic things to start: (edit checked pics from my phone)

    Is this happening on both cards? If one card, do they have different cooling solutions?

    Is your case/ambient temp high? What about your CPU temp? If ambient temp is high, your CPU could indicate that as well

    At 100% fan speed, it should sound like a small vaccuum cleaner, any doubt that the fan is good? My cards will usually hit about 68% fan speed when GPU temps get 80c and will be audible if no sound from speakers/headset.

    And of course, make sure the cards are clean, both intake and exhaust.
  2. Yeah that's more than a slight problem. Your cards won't last very long like that. You should definately space them out, you should be able to run the bottoms slot at x8 with the top at x16 in a crossfire setup which will have no noticable effect of performance.
  3. rndmavis:
    [ It's only happening to the card which is most packed in. It's cooler is so close to the back side of the GPU chip itself. Perhaps it's because of that. I already switched those 2 cards. It's always the one which has no free space (same spot, not just 1 card). They're both the same cards, no difference. CPU temp is good. It's about 40-50 degrees when really working hard. I don't have a case thermomether I guess so...
    Fans sound normal, really blowing when gaming. Both sound equal, would be strange if they were both broken. Clean cards, had that 101 degrees about 5 days after buying all of the components from the store (new). ]

    [ I see. The thing is, I'm not sure whether it will fit or not. I 'll surely have to cut out things of the case which is a waste. And if I did, I can't be a 100% sure it fits so there's a chance I cut it out for nothing.
    Is it normal the pc doesn't just shut down at that temperature? I didn't see any artifacts? ]

    Perhaps I should install BF3 or BC2 again and check if it still gets that hot. It's been a while since I ran a heavy game. Skyrim worked out with normal temperatures, but there were bugs with the crossfire so I'm not sure whether both cards were used a 100%.
  4. I just don't see how you are getting those high temps. My 2 cards are several centimeters apart and the highest I've seen my top card (the one you are having problems with) is 85C which I'm completely fine with. There are after market GPU coolers you may want to research.

    Also if you take benski's advise, you may end up with enough room for a pci slot cooler which helped my case temp but had to take it out when I crossfired.

    Hopefully someone else has some good ideas.
  5. Your picture isn't very good, but the inside of your case looks cramped and cluttered. Re-route your cables so they're out of the way of airflow.

    Clean out all the dust from your sinks and fans and space those cards out. It looks like you can run 16x and 8x crossfire in the 1st and 3rd PCIx slots. I don't think you'll see any difference in performance.

    And make sure you bottom intake fans aren't blocked and you have your case setting on a hard surface. You need cool air in and hot air out. Your cards will not last long at 101 degrees. I'd worry about the TV card until after you solved your heat issue.
  6. Those cards are dual fan config. As for air, only reference "end of card blower" types can be stacked that close and be ok. And then only with a smart fan controller like msi afterburner. Gotta split those cards up, I learned this myself the hard way.

    Like hapkido says, run em' 16x 8x. There is no noticeable difference, I've tried it extensively myself. Heck, you wouldn't notice much of a difference even if it it went 8x 8x.

    Edit: Nevermind. Judging by the pic he has no more space. Maybe you can send one back and get a reference for your top card? The bottom has enough space for airflow.
  7. The thing is, how can I get it inside my case. There's only 1 pci slot left next to the 2nd card. Which means I should have to cut out the back of my case so that my graphics card can stick out.

    Let me show you with another cheap picture.

    As you can see the red lines show that there's just one pci thingy still left. Also, the red line next to it shows that when I move the card 2 spaces to the left (that's where the next PCI-e slot is), the orange zone on the card will bump onto the metal plate right there.
  8. Buying a new case would be cheaper than burning up one of those graphics cards or buying water cooling.
  9. Such a waste. Bought the case about 4 months ago.
  10. Or you can keep the old case and save your self money by just getting some 1U blower style server fans to pump air between the two cards. The only complaint you will have is that the noise won't be nice to the ears and won't look fancy but it works.
  11. Mmm I'll think about the solutions. Thanks!
    Doesn't look too good anyways.
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