Intel i7 3770 k, s,and t

hello i was wondering what the best intel i7 3770 processor was the best and if i should get a 3770 or 2700k?
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  1. i7-3770K.
  2. should i get the i7 3770k or 2700k?
  3. or what is a good intel proccesor for gaming and daily use for the money around 400 us dollars
  4. i7-3770K is newer and performs better than the 2700k, however if you plan on overclocking above 4.5ghz the 3770K will not be a good option.
  5. +1 ^ The i7-3770 @ stock will perform better than the 2700/2600.
    So, if you do not plan to overclock now or even in the future, get the i7-3770. non K version.
    If you plan to OC, say 4-4.5ghz, get the i7-3770k.
    And if you are planning to achieve a high OC, like 4.5Ghz+, then I would suggest the i7 2600k.
    An overclocked 2600k would be just as good as the 2700k, the only difference would be that the 2600k was cheaper.
  6. i have read some things on the 2600k and 2700k and they are saying that the 2700k has better overclockng abiltys and is easyer to overclock is this true?
  7. Yes, The 2700K are higher binned chips, 100Mhz faster & seems to overclock better.
  8. Ugh, how come nobody had posted any links to this thread?..

    Here are the designations, from Intel's web site, 'About Intel® Processor Numbers':

    .. basically the letter 'K' stands for 'Unlocked' which means it can be clocked, 'to provide optimal performance for gamers and high-power users'. :-)
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