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Hello guys, i'd like to thank the community for helping me change my graphic card, power supply and casing ( which was resolved in my other thread that i opened a month ago) but since i've changed graphic card ( its AMD radeon hd 6850 ) i'd like to change CPU too. I got AM2+ socket motherboard, but i read that those AM2+ motherboards support AM3 CPU's. So i'd like to get new CPU for gaming, but not too expensive. Currently i got AMD athlon x2 7850 be @ 3.0 ghz, but its pretty old, its 65nm architecture. Any help would be appreciated, just like you did with graphic card. Thanks in advance.
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  1. What's your budget? & Which Mobo are you using? will it support a 125W CPU?

    If yes, Phenom II x4 965BE would be a good choice

    If no, Phenom II X4 955 (assuming your mobo will support a 95W CPU)
  2. well i got ga-ma720us3 motherboard, and current CPU works on 95 w. Well price range im looking for is somewhere between 50 euros and maybe if i can strech it out 100 e.
  3. Your motherboard will support a 125W CPU. But you'll have to update your BIOS version to run the new CPU.

    The Phenom II x4 925/945/955/960/965 are all good choices. Get the one that fits your budget.
  4. i got F6 BIOS version. Would that be sufficient?
  5. searinoxxx said:
    i got F6 BIOS version. Would that be sufficient?

    It looks like you are one BIOS update behind. According to Gigabyte it looks like they are up to F7 BIOS revision. Depending on what you want to get that will determine if you need to update to F7 or not.
  6. Looks like the best for me is 955, cuz it requires F5 version of BIOS. I mean i know how to change BIOS, but its pain in the neck to do it again. Guess ill go for that one. Thanks a bunch!
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