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Can't activate my external VGA hd 4850 and disable the mobo VGA

I have a motherboard 945pl-s3p with Radeon HD 4850 installed , My mobo had a problem so I changed it to GA-G41m-es2l , and the PC worked fine without formatting , the problem now is that the PC is using the integrated VGA on the mobo not the installed HD 4850 , even the windows can't detect it .

How to disable the Integrated mobo VGA and activate my lovely external HD 4850 again ?

NB: I'm using the DVI port of the HD 4850 not the vga port of the mobo , pradoxically the windows can't detect the external vga !!
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    Did you re-install the AMD/ATI drivers after swapping the motherboard? Also, verify that your external power connector is firmly attached to the HD4850.

    Good luck!
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  3. I've just changed the driver to the latest one and It's working again , Thank you :D
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