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New Sytem Build Upgrades Worth It???

Ok I got a lot of great help from Why_Me, Kajabla, and Kreax. Thank you very much. Below is the end result of working with them on what I was looking for in a system and what my budget was.(actually I ended up doubling my budget by the end) But I found out that my tax refund has been delayed until Feb. 22 so it's given me some extra time to look around and possibly tweak things IF needed.(God help me. The more I look, the more money I seem to be spending. sigh...) Anyway while looking around two things caught my eye that I may be interested in improving. The motherboard and the GPU. Here is the dilemma for me. My main reasons for this are trying to semi future proof my system. I've had my current computer for YEARS. Not gonna say how long but a looooong time and I know it could possibly work out that way again. I will mostly be using this system for video conversion/movie rendering(Adobe Premiere), gaming, editing photos, and normal internet use.

Final parts I'd settled on:
CPU: i5 2500K
Mobo: Asus Z68-V/GEN3
GPU: MSI GTX 560ti 448 core
PSU: XFX 850W (80+ Bronze rating)
CPU Fan: Hyper 212 Evo
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1.0 TB 7200RPM
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB @ 1600 MHz
OD: Asus 24x Dvd RW
Case: Corsair Graphite Series 600T White

My budget for the mobo would be around $250ish and the GPU would be around $350ish. Again I don't want to swap out these pieces just because I can. I'd only want to do it if it helped future proof my system AND gave a significant enough performance improvement to justify the extra cost since I am already over my original budget. Also last but not least the impression I've picked up from reading some of the threads in the forum is that the i5 2500K is actually a better chip if gaming is your priority so I was wondering what is it that the i7 2600K does better than the i5 2500k? Why get it and would it be worth it for me to upgrade to the i7 for my system and what I'm using it for? Thanks in advance guys I know this was a lot to pack in one post.
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  1. Asrock Z68 mb's will perform identically and cost half that .

    what kind of gaming are you doing? Most people can game well on a 1080p monitor with a 6870 Radeon that will cost about $150 .

    The money you save now can be used to do a graphics upgrade in 2 years time . You might never have the "best" but for a much longer time you will have a computer that works
  2. @ Outlander_04 I think that mobo was one of the boards debated on before we settled on the Asus Z68-V, but the thing is that for me it will more than likely be the exact opposite of what you listed. Meaning I have been a broke a$$ for quite some time and this tax refund is pretty much the ONLY reason I'm able to do anything as far as a new system or pc parts in general. So for me this looks like it may be an all or nothing type of thing. It's more then likely whatever I save by cutting cost on this system will get eaten up by some mystery bill that will inevitably pop up in the future which is way I've had my current system for so Still I do appreciate the cost efficient recommendations but at this time I'm basically interested in seeing if I should stick with what I have or if there is something in those slots that's worth spending extra money to get now that will improve the longevity of my system.

    Oh almost forgot. As far as gaming I was talking about stuff like BF3, FF14, and Crysis 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Mass Effect 2 for now.
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    I am not sure if you need it or not, but the P8Z68-v Gen3 doesn't have firewire.

    If you need that, step up to the P8Z68-V Pro.
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