Onboard Ethernet Not Running At Full Potential

So i've installed a few little things into my pc today, which are a flash card reader and a black magic intensity pro, since installing then and going into the bios to figure out what is happening to the flash card reader, i did a smart lan test just to check what was happening but after i did that my internet speed has be horribly slow on my pc, i am use a cable and have tried it in another computer and i am getting the correct speed on the other pc, plus now on the Ethernet port on my pc there is only one light flashing, before there were two, which are the orange and red so i really don't know what i have done to the motherboard could anyone help me figure out what has happened

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  1. Sounds like a driver issue. And check to see if your bios is upto date
  2. well now this problem is solved thanks for the help tho, what i did i open up my pc nd just loosened the battery that is on the motherboard then pushed it back in when i booted my pc the ethernet was back up nd running as usuall
  3. Hmm thats a strange one alright.
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