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Computer wont start sometimes

I got the computer (its a emachine t6410) from my friend because he couldnt get it to work. After a few hours of poking around I reformated it, added 1GB of DDR ram and my old EVGA 9600 gso 512 to it. After everything was done, it worked perfect, just like a brand new computer. I was able to play Oblivion without any lag and run minecraft at 120Fps+

Then I gave it to my brother, it worked fine for 2 days. Then today it started acting weird, it wouldn't turn on. When the power button was pressed the fans would spin up real fast and then slow down, but kept going as well as the HDD light was blinking but nothing was displayed on the screen.

I assumed that maybe the PSU wasn't great, so I took my 500w PSU and plugged it in, same problems -- didnt work. (I know this psu works, im using it right now) I've read over the guide and tried everything and nothing worked, I'm just stumped as to why it works sometimes, then others it dont work.

I also monitored the systems temps and even under load nothing went above 55C

Forgot to mention, there is no beeping noises when this happens, but when I take the RAM out and push the power button it beeps real slow repeatedly how ever I know this ram works, I tested it in another known working computer.

Things Ive tried:
- Used a known working 500w PSU
- Tested the RAM in another computer, it works
- Took out everything but the CPU/HSFAN and powered on, heard single long beeps that repeated
- Tried with a Video card (9600 gso 512)
- Tried using intergrated VGA port
- Booted into safe mode (computer starts up...sometimes
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    "Took out everything but the CPU/HSFAN and powered on, heard single long beeps that repeated " Good. these are beep codes. They are unique to your BIOS. Your computer manual will tell you what they mean. ditto "take the RAM out and push the power button it beeps real slow repeatedly " See what they mean. Keep adding components back until PC works or until it is worse with the part you just added.

    The comment "Booted into safe mode (computer starts up...sometimes " is very interesting. Does it boot up sometimes *not* in safe mode? If changing to safe mode makes it act better than not safe mode then you have a driver issue. If safe mode and not-safe mode (normal mode?) act the same then problably not drivers. Download a bootable diagnostic (google it) and run it. IF PC fails runnign off boot diagnostics then its not your software or your Hard drive.

    Good Luck.

    Read this too, it might help.
  2. Well the confusing part is it either boots, or it dont boot. More often it don't. When it does, I go into safe mode (out of safemode the screen is wavy, in safemode it displays crisp clear ((using default vga, not video card))

    Also, I've followed that guide and one other I believe and no matter what parts I take out I get the same results, it either works or it dont. My un-educated guess is its the motherboard, as some of the (transistors?) are kinda rised up the things with the K little scratches in them.

    Would that cause the system to act like that? booting fine sometimes but other times not?

    Also I don't have the manual, the PC was given to me. I think I might be able to get a digital copy but I don't know if it will be on their website still.
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