My computer no longer responds to any of my monitors


I have a custom PC that uses a dell IN1910N monitor. Here's the specs:

I3 2100
GTX 460 1gb
seagate barracuda 1tb hdd
8gb ram
550w psu (antec)

one morning i was using it fine, left it to get a delivery, came back and it just rebooted on its own, then next thing i knew that when it starts up there is no display on my monitor.

I've checked the monitor and the graphics card already and they're both ok with another pc so im really lost for thought here. I don't think its a hdd failure as its only been near a year and a half since I built it.

I'd really appreciate any help you could give me.
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  1. Are you able to get into BIOS or is your monitor blank from the get-go? Do you hear a good POST (single beep) on start-up? Are there any noises other than fans on start-up?
    Sorry for the million questions but it'll help. Oh yeah, what motherboard?
  2. mobo: P67A-G45 (B3) MSi

    No sounds at all, just fans, there are no irregularities with motherboard lights either.
    monitor just goes into power saving when the computer starts.
  3. Aw shucks, looks like we're in for some real troubleshooting here.
    First step,unplug SATA cable to HDD (we're trying to get a good POST now, not concerned with getting into the OS yet - that should come once we can POST).
    Then, remove all ram modules except the one closest to the CPU - try to start then. If that does not work, try a different module in that same slot - go through all of your ram modules one at a time. If during that process, you do get a single beep (good POST) and hopefully a screen to view, continue the process to determine which module(s) is/are causing issues. If you go through all of your modules and still cannot POST, the next step will be to clear CMOS - not hard on your mobo but, see where you get trying single ram modules first.
    Good luck
  4. sounds like a real load of work, thanks though i'll try it out.

    As some extra information, when the computer is turned off (by holding the power button) it always restarts.
    *to completely shut it down i have to switch off power supply.
    And just to check when i touched the heatsink it was cold. so i'm more inclined to think that this is a cpu failure.

    However, considering that i only built this pc about 6 months ago i would like to hear what you think.
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    Yep, troubleshooting can be a real "treat", in you case, my personal suspicion would be the PSU but Antec usually makes solid products so I'm working through the steps. A power surge or brown-out could overstress even a protected PSU.
    You do have fan power so you are getting something out of the 12V rail (whether it's 12V we can't tell since fans aren't picky) so, again, that's why we're working from the beginning. I'm hoping it's simply ram (since ram is the easiest fix) and not the CPU, mobo or PSU but we'll see what we can eliminate as a possible problem.
  6. im going on holiday very soon so i have to leave it for a while, ill update this thread in about 5 days with the results of my 'investigation'
  7. no POST on either modules with HDD sata cable unplugged, what next?
  8. problem FIXED!!!!!

    so happy right now, took me a while to hook up from another power supply from my other computer but it does work, so it was the psu.

    This has allowed me to learn great things, next psu i purchase will be from corsair and not antec.

    Thank you very much for your help c12friedman, really appreciate it.

    (end of thread)
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