How long will last 3570k run in stock or with OC.

so i'm getting the newer IVY cpu i5-3570k, i want to know how long will this cpu stay with me, if i run all the time it on stock, or with 4.5ghz overclock?
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hard to know for sure. Using stock voltages? Going to keep the temps under control?

    15-20yrs at stock ... 12-18yrs @ OC.
  2. Honestly longevity is nowadays not even considered. At this point its safe to push it to the bleeding edge of it's threshold and as long as you take care of the temps it will last you long after Intel comes out with their tock. If you didn't know ivy bridge is only a small leap in technology with the big one coming next after ivy bridge. So in this case I say push it as hard as you want, I've never even heard of an intel proc frying unless you are trying to set world records, and then when the next intel proc comes into production, buy it.

    Also, when you install, i know this is obvious but make sure you dont bend any pins. And take caution when overclocking the ivy. It does NOT OC like sandy. read up before you push it. Anand's got a great article on it, from a few weeks ago if you really want to know how to. In my honest opinion the 2600k is still the best proc ever made.

    Either way, good luck in your endeavours!
  3. thanks for the quick response, BTW how much MHz would i get with stock voltage, or if i raise voltage a little abit for more MHz. Should it will be around 10years.

    I've seen in one of the forum where a guy mention that 3570k 4.4ghz will last only 3 years damn how little it is? Is that true?
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    You'll find out during your testing. It's not the same for every CPU.
    If you luck into a 'golden' CPU you might reach 4.4~4.5Ghz on stock, stable under load.
    4.2~4.3Ghz seems to be more common though. And some of that might be down to motherboard and OC'ing skill of a person.
  5. interesting 4.3ghz enough for me rather on stock voltage how good it is, should i buy 3570k or wait for haswell comes out??
  6. What are you using now?
  7. 2500k.
  8. No reason for you to get IVB. It's just a very side-ways upgrade for you.
    Stick with SB till Haswell or maybe till a IVB-E shows up.
  9. If you're looking to do upgrades, look into mutli-monitors (Eyefinity / Nvidia Surround), good speakers/sound card or other peripherals. Things you can move forward into your next major build.
  10. so it's mean i should wait for haswell. But how much haswell would be better than current ivy.
  11. I'm not sure Haswell will even be reason enough to upgrade the CPU.
    You'll want to wait and see how its looking before you commit to selling your SB rig and buying a replacement.

    We know Haswell will be 30% more power efficient than Sandy Bridge.
    We don't know if it have the actual game performance boost to entice gamers to upgrade.
  12. WR2 said:
    We don't know if it have the actual game performance boost to entice gamers to upgrade.

    Core2 broke new records for x86 IPC, each Core i3/5/7 generation added yet more incremental improvements to that so there probably is not much more left to gain IPC-wise. Unless applications start making more effective use of multi-threading and heterogeneous computing, we are going to keep butting against the single/dual-core performance brick wall.
  13. That's my take too.
    More about software lagging behind hardware capabilities.
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  15. Thanks alot guys!
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