Gpu for 1440 * 990 resolution on high settings

looking for a gpu for 1440 * 990 resolution on high settings of nvidia and price of like gt 440 ? and gt 440 1gb ddr3 will do it or not or ati 6670 1gb ddr3?

if i buy ddr5 version it will cost me 3000rs more which means 33$ more then the ddr version
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  1. the 6670 should be fine, and yes get the ddr5 version. please list the rest of your specs, like CPU, power supply (make and model), motherboard, ram. Its very nice to have a new video card, but if you have a slow cpu, a new vid card may not make any difference.
  2. if have i5 2500k and intel dh67cl and 4gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz and psu is gx 550watt cooler master
  3. The HD6670 is far better than the GT440. Dont be fooled by prices.

    Try getting a HD6770 if possible. They are going for around $110.
  4. and what about comparing a gts 450 with 6670? and 1 more question 9800gt 1gb ddr3 is equal to gts 450 1gb ddr5?
  5. the gts450 is the fastest choice there. the 9800gt and 6670 would be pretty close, but take the 6670 for its lower power useage and newer dx11 tech.
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