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i just got 2 gtx460 i have 3 slots for graphics cards manual says pciex16_1 and pciex16_2 and pciex8 i had my sli setup in the pciex16_ and _2 but the gap between them was bad they was almost touching so i changed it to the other slot which is the pciex8 slot is there a difference manual recommends both pciex16 slots is there a difference in performance
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  1. There shouldnt be too much of a performance difference , in fact it would be minimal , you are better off having them separated otherwise the heat would drop your performance anyway and also cause instability
  2. What motherboard are you using?

    Something I figured out the other day on my new mobo is that they label them according to speed not numerically.For example my mobo says the same thing,install in PCI-E lanes 1 and 2.The PCI-E 1 lane is the top but the PCI-E marked 2 is actually the 3rd lane from the top.Make sure you read the labels on the mobo.
  3. You may also find that SLi will only be enabled if the cards are in the slots specified by the manual.
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