Best Monitor for Portrait and Eyefinity 3?

Alright, so for a while now, I have been using a 23" Samsung Syncmaster and my 42" Vizio TV as my monitors. I figure its time to invest some dough into a nice Eyefinity 3 Setup but I want one in a portrait mode. My current monitor doesn't rotate so I have it resting in portrait against a secondary shelf on my desk. Anyways, what is the best monitor for Eyefinity 3 in Portrait Mode?

I would like:

-small bezel

-23" to 26"

-1920 X 1080


-Toggle switch for sources would be nice if I hook up something else.

Now on top of the 3 monitors, I will also hook it up to my TV SOMETIMES so I need a way to switch that monitor output on and off frequently and easily. Currently, I run TWO hdmi cables with an adapter in the middle. I pull the adapter out, the HDMI from my GPU to TV is removed so the TV is no longer detected. Is there any software?

Currently I have a Pair of 6970's 2GB Editions in Crossfire. I will also be playing games too. Mainly Racers and Action like Assassin's Creed.
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  1. Don't know about good monitors, but for quickly enabling/disabling the TV, check within Catalyst Control Center to see if you can set up a hot-key sequence for that. My HTPC is connected to both my HDTV and my projector. I have a hot-key set up to swap displays (regular TV on the HDTV vs. Sports/Blu-Ray movies on the projector).

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: Under Preferences --> Hotkeys in Catalyst Control Center, there are three options that should (hopefully) set things up the way you want:

    1) Disable All Non-Primary Displays
    2) Enable Clone Mode
    3) Enable Extended Mode

    How all these work with an Eyefinity set up, I have no idea, but it might get you started.
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