Next upgrade? Any bottlenecks?

Current Build:

Window 7 x64
Intel I7-920 @ 3.8
24gb DDR3 @ 2000mhz Triple Channel
Radeon 6990 4gb
3TB of Storage

My question is, am I / Where am I, Bottlenecking? What would you upgrade next? Should I wait till Ivy Bridge / Kepler. Just some ideas, bored at work. Thanks.
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  1. add an ssd boot drive
  2. Man, you got a lot of money. No, you aren't bottlenecking, except maybe in the single 6990 and the 3.8ghz i7
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    get an ssd.
    if u want an easy upgrade, the cache ssds are supposed to become more common.
    corsair accelerater, ocz synapse, or intel 311 series.
  4. After careful consideration, I think that I am going to go with a new MB/Processor. I forgot to mention my current MB (Asus P6T) which Sata support is 3gb/s. SSD drives that I am looking at are 6gb/s. I do not think that it would be optimal to upgrade to an SSD before having a board that can utilize it 100%. You guys did make me think about getting an SSD, and will be coming in the near future. For now I shall wait till April's Ivy Bridge release and get me a nice I7-3770k. Thanks for the replys.
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  6. I assume this is for playing games? Your CPU will be bottleneck you in games like Shogun 2 Total War and Starcraft 2.
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