Should I buy the Intel i7 3930K ?!


I just wanted to ask you here, if i should update my system or not

My rig now is :

cpu : amd phenom ii x4 940 @ 3.48 ghz
gpu : ati radeon 5830 hd
ram : 1 x 4 gb ddr2 @ 667 mhz
hdd : 500 GB
psu : 600 w
lcd : samsung syncmaster (max res : 1280 x 1024)

and i'm willing to update it for many reasons, one of the is the next GTA V [ of course :) ] and all the 2013 massive games..

I have in my country those specs for the latest technology for desktop computing, so i'm willing to buy them

cpu : Intel i7 3930k
gpu : ati 7970 hd / or / nvidia 680
ram : 16 gb ddr3
psu : i'll use mine
hdd : i'll use mine
lcd : samsung syncmaster (mas res : 1980 x 1080)

so..can u tell me if i should update my rig for now or i should stay for a while ?!

best regards,
thx for ur attention :)
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  1. If you're upgrading for 2013, upgrade in 2013 for best effect ;)
  2. Hi there!, ifs you're mainly a gamer (like me) then the 3930k wouldn't be of much use, not many games take advantage of more than two or three cores. Unless of course you plan on also using the pc as a workstation as well? Say for video editing, or running high end quad SLI or quad Crossfire where the extra bandwith and PCIe lanes of the X79 platform give effect.

    I would advise investing in either an ivy or sany bridge i5 2500k/3750k or an i7 2600k/2700k/3770k, and invest in a decent Z77 motherboard. Overclocking is also a dream, I got my 2700k a few months back, within a couple of hours had it stable at 4.7GHz with stock voltage.

    Alternatively get a cheap Sandy Bridge Pentium and mobo and wait for the release of Haswell next year!
  3. ok..i agree with u, but for the case of GTA V i don't think these choices would give a difference from what i have now..

    i just want to know..if those specs i have mentioned capable to run gta v [ as a guess ] as high profile or not ?!

    if not should i wait for the update ?

    and yes i'm a gamer, sometimes a designer too :)
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    With regard to whether or not you should wait to upgrade, that is entirely you're decision, however if you are going to wait and wait for the best performance then wait is all you'll ever do. A compromise could be to buy the gtx 680 or 7970 right now (yes they will nuke any game for the foreseeable future) and then wait for haswell. However if you choose to buy now you are still going to get years of great performance out of the components you have picked. Just make sure you have a high quality PSU to power your system.

    Secondly, the specs you have provided for upgrade will easily and thoughtlessly run GTA V at 1080p, however the 3930k is probably unnecessary.
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