Video card with pixel shader 2 0

can anyone give me a link to a relativly cheap graphics card that supports pixel shader 2.0? the cheaper the better
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  1. what hardware do you have and what software do you want to run ?
  2. Video card with pixel shader 2.0 came out in 2002 / 2003.

    just how old is you PC?
  3. what are your current specs? does your motherboard support pcie? any new graphics card available supports pixel shader 2.0, but it doesnt mean it will do whatever it is your trying to do with it.
  4. Pixel Shader 2.0...

    What year is it?
  5. So basically they've been saying if you buy any "current" generation card you'll be fine. But we need to know a lot more like your motherboard, PSU, and maybe things like your CPU, RAM, and resolution if we can suggest a good card for you.
  6. I believe we are now on shader 5.0/6.0
  7. Not six. Pretty sure we are on 4. Five maybe.
  8. 6xxx and 5xx are pixel shader 5.0, DX 11.1 supports pixel shader 6.0 which I'd assume will be in the new 7xxx series and Kepler.
  9. what info is needed and where do I find it?
  10. Adolf_s said:
    what info is needed and where do I find it?

    System specs.
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