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Hi Guys

I have a Asus GTX260 216 GPU...on idle it runs at roughly 50 degrees Celcius...wen i play games it is at about 75 degrees celcius...

Personally im worried at this time...I play every game out today on full Graphic settings possible including at Full 1920 x 1080 HD except now Battlefield 3 which is really demanding...but otherwise every other game run 100% at full...

NOW!!! for the question, i am looking at buying a new aftermarket cooler for the card...and it must be utter performance in cooling...

I looked at the Inno3D Accelero XXX series ( )

Long 3x 120mm fans cooler...and so far after a two minute research i read its GGGR8!!!

So let me knw what you think guys...SHOT!! :bounce:
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  1. Nothing wrong with your temps. If you are worried then use canned air regularly to keep the existing heatsink free of dust and make sure your case has decent ventilation. There isn't much an aftermarket cooler is going to do for that card. Maybe consider getting a newer generation card, and OC it with water cooling.
  2. Ya watercooling is a bit out of my budget ey...but i read it bring down the temps by 20 degrees...if it can really do that then i think maybe its not a bad idea..would you think it worth it? not too sure on the prices ey...
  3. Those temps are completely fine.
  4. aight thx guys...will think about it> :)
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