Computer Shuts Down While Gaming with Flash running.

Recently my computer started shutting down randomly. My game of choice is Eveonline. I can have many clients of this game open (4-5) for long periods of time without any issues. I can also have no eve clients running and watch youtube videos for as long as I like with no issues. Whenever I have even one eve client then try to watch a youtube video on any browser my computer will shut off after a few minutes. No warning, no blue screen, no nothing, just shuts down. I reboot, and it carries on like nothing happened. Eve pushes my computer to it's very limits without any issues at all. I have completely uninstalled the flash and any adobe products on my PC and reinstalled thinking it was a flash player issue. Same results.

HP Pavillion Elite HPE Series (HPE-510y)
GPU AMD Radeon HD 6570
CPU AMD Phenom II 1055T Six-Core
Mem 8G DDR3

Not sure what other info you need to help me trouble shoot this but will provide anything I can. I know my way around PC's some, but am not a technical guru by any means.
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  1. I had the exact same problem. Exact.... I didn't think it was overheating. But then I went through this thread, and decided to try pointing a table fan right at the video cards (opened up the side of the comp)... and now it works perfectly!
  2. I experienced gpu overheating when Firefox displayed Flash but not when ie or Chrome did it. That prob has since been solved via cooling so I 2nd Jackson. You can also try changing your Flash settings and toggling hardware acceleration. That will affect performance but may be a temp solution.
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