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So I've been searching high and low and have yet to find a solution for this and I'm hoping someone here has it. I currently have 2 Sapphire 6950's 2gb running my problem is that I cannot get the third monitor to extend. I have 2 BenQ V2210's running for my work space. And I have a 52" LCD connected as well that is used for movies. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to setup the TV as an extended since eyefinity (from my understanding of it) is useless in my situation, as sometimes I'll be working on something, and the wife would like to watch a movie. Will just one 6950 handle the 2 monitors, and is it possible to have the TV connected in the other? Or do I need all 3 connected to one with an active display port adapter?
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  1. kylo84 said:
    Or do I need all 3 connected to one with an active display port adapter?

    That is what you need. The cards can only output to two dvi/hdmi/vga at a time and only one outputs video with Crossfire enabled regardless of whether you are doing gaming with eyefinity or just extending the desktop to three monitors. So get yourself an active DP adapter, I personally use the Sapphire brand Active DP to DVI (around $25-$30 US) and have been happy.
  2. Oh, and it's usually best to have one of your BenQs as the monitor connected via the DP. The DP monitor seems to be the monitor that the OS defaults certain windows to at times and you dont want to have to turn on the LCD or interrupt the wife's movies with your SW:TOR launcher popping up a window asking for permission to update your computer. Ask me how I know this : )
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