Help With Choosing a gaming computer to build, or buy built.

Hello, Anyone Know a DECENT Gaming computer build for a least under $600 ?
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  1. Do you have any parts that you can salvage from an older build, like HDD for example?
  2. I Have a unused 450 Watt Power Supply.
  3. Eh, pretty low wattage without knowing the specifics of the PSU itself (make/model etc to research the build quality).

    Really you're going to be hard pressed to build anything in entirety for under 600 bucks that would warrant spending the money. The best thing to do would be to save up for another paycheck, another month, however long, and up your budget to about 1000 dollars. At that price point you can start implementing worthwhile components that will last you for a while, as opposed to flushing 600 dollars on something that is outdated as you build it.

    That's my best advice, although perhaps not what you wished to hear.
  4. Try having a look at the SBMs in buyers guide but if you can wait, you'll get a much better deal
  5. To build anything decent, I would recommend a minimum of a 500 watt psu ($80) and at least a GTX 560 graphics card ($200). A quad-core CPU and at least 4GB of memory. ($30)
  6. Also... wrong forum
  7. I was in the same spot a couple of weeks back and thanks to this forum I went with this:

    intel i5 2500k
    Asus Z 68 V pro/gen 3 (gift for coolest girlfriend ever)
    8 G Corsair vengeance (4 bucks more that 4 G I had to have it!)
    Cooler Master HAF 922
    Cooler Master V6
    Corsair GX 700
    Sapphire HD 6870
    I used HDDs from previous PC

    super cool rig, cannot be happier but no cheap... really worth it tough!
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