Dilemma: To upgrade or not or to wait?

I am an avid reader of this site. I always make it a point to check the best cpu and gpu for the month and man... I always want to upgrade when I read them. Currently, I have an intel q6600 and gts 450. I honestly do not have any problems playing my favorite games on this setup. (including other stuff that i do). I am having a dilemma if I should upgrade or not or just wait for the time that my cpu/gpu will die? When is the right time to make an upgrade or change? When the need arises? Any thoughts or ideas on this will be welcomed. Thanks ;)
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  1. you should upgrade when you can't play your favorite games smoothly
  2. what is smoothly like (your own opinion)... i am using a 22 inch led display.. i dont use ultra settings on some games though...
  3. smoothly for me is at least 60 fps in my native 1080p screen resolution with high/med settings depends what game im playing . I use the same cpu with two gtx 280...if you want to upgrade wait for the new intel cpus since they are coming out soon plus nvidia has not come out with their new cards yet making the newest 7900 series expensive
  4. im thinking of getting better vcards and just squeeze out the last juice of my processor.. is that a wise move? at first i was looking at i5 760.. then now i5 2500k... the changes are so fast. lol
  5. a i5 2500k would be better, but uh if i could make a suggestion. If you can wait for the new Ivy, the Current Core i7's should drop in price by at least 50-60$. making them a good choice. You can have a 4 way SLI setup with video cards but still be bottlenecking your system, So try to keep Video Card and CPU at about the same level, you can take the video cards a little farther than the CPU before your bottlenecked. i would get the new NVIDIA kepler cards when they release in April. maybe one of the low end's and SLI it, because ohhhh they are all just so, so epicly Spec'd and prices are eh not so much.
  6. is it practical to go sli? i find it impractical to make such purchases. but if its a good thing to do.. i might consider it. il definitely watch for the changes for this year.
  7. If you do not want to get a completely new system now, then the best to do in my opinion is to OC your CPU, and get a cheap 2nd card for a sli config. Perhaps you´ll need a new PSU to do so.
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