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I am building my first PC in the next couple of months I plan on using this PC for primarily gaming and every day usage. I plan on spending as little as possible but I expect my build to run me at most $1,500 I am trying to keep it closer to $1,000 however. I know this site has a community of skilled PC enthusiasts so I am sure everyone's input will be very helpful.

I would like to be able to play current games and future games for the next few years at or around 60FPS on a resolution such as 1080p. As for anything else the computer can do well that's just icing on the cake for me.

I am not sure if I should use an Ivy Bridge vs. Sandy Bridge CPU, because by the time I build, it will be around April or May so I am sure Ivy Bridge will have released by then. IB's release may drop the price of SB which would give me more incentive to buy SB after price drop. I am not sure IB will provide a huge improvement for gaming. I have looked at the i5 2500k, i7 2600k, i7 2700k, and the 3930k but a bit pricey that last one is.

I was looking at a Z68 series Mobo with PCIe 3.0 ASRock or ASUS.

HDD I was looking at Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5 TB 7200 64mb SATA 6.0

PSU I was looking for anything at least 80+ Bronze Certified and Modular with a decent reputation I have no idea what kind of power usage the build will require so I was thinking 850W would be a safe number.

RAM I was thinking of Corsair Vengeance low profile (2x4) 8GB 1600 or another low profile RAM that is reputable.

GPU I have my eye on a Sapphire 11196-02-40G however its dimensions LWH (14.75 inches, 4 inches, 9.75 inches) have me clueless as to what case will support it and not be extremely tight. I am also open to other suggestions for GPU's if there are any other options that are less expensive or around the same price but will out perfrom the above mentioned GPU.

Case I like Corsair's 600T or any other that have great airflow, cable management system, and supports liquid cooling options as well as having support for future fan upgrades. Like I stated however I do not know what case will support the above GPU.

For a Cooler I was looking at Corsair H100 unless liquid cooling does not have a much better effect that a 212 CPU cooler.

I have built a few on newegg with most of the hardware listed and it would cost around 1,500 after shipping and adding the optical drive which I was going to get a Samsung or LG BD-ROM drive.

I look forward to everyone's advice and recommendations.
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  1. Quoting my message did not exactly shed any light on my questions...
  2. Thanks for the input so you recommend a Full Tower vs. the Mid Tower?

    What about Seagate HDD I had this one in mind for price it seems like a deal

    Also you recommend the 212 vs. the H100 system do you know how much of a difference in CPU temps they provide?
  3. Here is what I have in mind so far

    Optical Drive

    Grand Total: $1,481.90 I wonder what I should spend my $18.10 on. Seriously though does everyone agree that I am spending my money on the right hardware I would hate to waste hard earned money on a something that I could have lived without or even worse something I need and do not have. Also does anyone believe this price will go down over the next couple of months. I stated that I do not intend to buy until around May.

    Unless everyone predicts the prices rising in that case I will get it before the end of the month lol
  4. hellfire24 said:

    I must say I have been watching videos of the NZXT Phantom in action and it looks beautiful and I love the cooling power this thing can provide I am super excited about this case. I thought I wouldn't like anything other than the Corsair 600T White but this baby sounds and looks good. Thanks for the tip on that Case you hit the nail on the head as far as what I would like.
  5. thnx mate and yes that case is awesome.
    here's a better HDD deal-
    get aftermarket fans for your case lolllll!!!!!!!!
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