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I need a small-to-mid form factor case that supports almost exclusively mATX motherboards and can fit up to two graphics cards. It'd be nice if it could support a Corsair H60, as well. If not, a recommended CPU fan (other than a Noctua NH-L12, which I'm already considering) would be appreciated as well. External drive spaces are pseudo-irrelevant, though I'd appreciate at least one or two 5.25" external drives and at least one or two 3.5" internal drives. External 3.5" drives would be great, but aren't necessary. An internal 2.5" drive bay would also be acceptable. I really don't want the case to be significantly larger than the motherboard, even though it's carrying two video cards.

If it means anything, the motherboard (I already own):

Corsair H60:
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  1. Fractal Design Arc Mini, really great case. :)
  2. not sure if its micro or mini or what .... it just came to mind ..
  3. rufus_22 said: not sure if its micro or mini or what .... it just came to mind ..

    It's a mini-itx case, but it's a really nice one that I'll consider for an ITX build.

    So, I think I have a good idea of what kind of case I want; out of these cases, which one looks best to you?

    Fractal Design's Arc Mini

    NZXT's Vulcan

    Thermaltake's Lanbox Lite

    Thermaltake's Armor

    I personally favor the Vulcan, but the Arc Mini might have better options in terms of expand-ability (i.e. H60).
  4. arc mini imho and watercool it ! good luck with your build ,, the mini's a nice case :)
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