Honest opinion of 5970

I recently purchased the special 5970 on newegg, it has arrived, however I cant use it until Christmas. :??:
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  1. It is one of the most powerful cards ever made (for gaming) but i think it had many problems with micro-stuttering and compatibility with games.
  2. I purchased the same card from newegg.com(QUITE A DEAL)

    I have paired it with my 5870.

    Initially I had alot of issues with BF3. I have since worked them out. If you have any issues specifically with BF3 PM me.

    As for it's performance? Awesome. I'm running an Eyefinity setup @ 5760x1080. I have all BF3 settings on Ultra, MSAAx8. I get between 50-80 FPS in BF3.
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