Weird problems on new build???

Here is what I have:

MOBO Asus p8z68-v Pro/Gen Mobo
SSD 120G|MUSHKIN MKNSSDCL120GB-DX 120gb (primary drive for Windows)
VGA SAPPHIRE|11196-00-40G HD7950 3G Radeon 7950
MEM 2Gx4|CORSAIR CMX8GX3M4A1600C9 R 1600mhz (4 - 2gb sticks)
HDD 2T|ST ST2000DM001 7.2K 64M - 2tb
AUDIO Soundblaster X-Fi

Now here is the problem: :cry:

I've never seen this before and its been 3 days without a resolution. I'm hoping to turn (once again) to the greatest tech forum, and its users, on the planet!

Scenario: I have installed all components and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit seemingly without issues. After windows installs, I install all the drivers for the Mobo, Video, Network, etc. All runs as planned - I've been getting the occasional BSOD (Blue screen of death), so I figured it was my ram running at 1600, so I reduced to 1333 in the bios. That seems to have cleared up the BSOD's. But now if I try to run any game in the DVD drive, it sees the icon of the (BF3 in this case) runs the initial "What language do you want" I select it, and then click ok - it spins up like its doing something, and then nothing happens. Or in other cases, the cd will be seen in the drive, I double click it, and the drive opens acting like there is no disk in the drive. I've tried 3 different dvd drives all with the same results.

At one point I was also having sound issues (using the onboard audio). I updated windows and all of a sudden my audio stops working even tho it shows in the hardware manager as working properly. Going to the Control Panel and clicking on Sound would do nothing. The only solution I had to that issue was to format and reinstall windows and viola' the sound works again. So I'm thinking one of the updates nixed my audio. (I also went and bought an X-Fi soundcard and it was doing the same thing with that one.

I'm at my wits end - and about read to just pile everything in a heap and set fire to it. Please help with any/all suggestions you can give. I've been doing this for about 20 years and never had this many problems on one machine.

Eternally grateful for all the help!
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  1. My first thought when reading this would be your motherboard. That could explain all of these problems, or secondly, the psu. If your psu is under powering any of your components, it could cause issues like these. First suggestion would be to ( if you have one) try another mobo or psu. If not, then I would say ( for the drive issue, if you havent already) try a different sata cable, or different port on your mother board. I'm not quite sure about the sound issue, could also be motherboard related, seeing as the sound card had issues as well. Most likely it was just a driver issue though, which, since you said it was fixed by formatting, is most likely.
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    Have you tried the DVD drive in a different SATA port on the mb ?
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