HAF 912 Fan Setup

I have a question on what fan setup I should use on the HAF 912. I also need help on what fans I should get for the setup.

HAF 912 Fan System:

Front: 120mm x 2 or 200mm x 1

Top: 120mm x 2 or 200mm x 1

Rear: 120mm x 1

Side: 120/140mm x 1

As for my fans, I want them to move a reasonable amount of air, but still be quiet for the most part. I really do not want to spend more than $30-40 on these fans.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Bump.
  2. I personally have a haf 912 3x Yate Loon Medium fans, 2 front intake, 1 back exhaust.

    Gotta get a fan controller or use the PWM on your mobo, otherwise they are a bit loud.

    For 15 bucks they are alot better than the stock fans. Lowered my GPU temps (6870) by around 8c over stock.

    What type of hardware are you looking to put in there?
  3. Firelance said:
    I have a question on what fan setup I should use on the HAF 912. I also need help on what fans I should get for the setup.

    HAF 912 Fan System:

    Front: 120mm x 2 or 200mm x 1

    Top: 120mm x 2 or 200mm x 1

    Rear: 120mm x 1

    Side: 120/140mm x 1

    As for my fans, I want them to move a reasonable amount of air, but still be quiet for the most part. I really do not want to spend more than $30-40 on these fans.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    912 comes with a 120mm fan at front for intake and another 120mm fan at back for exhaust.i would suggest adding a 200mm megaflow on top-
    this will provide plenty of ventilation and fairly quiet setup.
  4. My specs:

    i5 3570k

    ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

    Crucial M4 128GB

    SeaSonic 620W Semi Modular

    No GPU for now as I am broke, and will be using Intel 4000. I will be getting the GPU in a month or so.

    Yate Loons have good reviews from what I have seen, and they are about $4 a piece. If I was to get 5 of them it would be around $25 with shipping which isn't bad.

    Isn't it always recommended to go with the larger fan size for less noise? That is something I am tryin to avoid. I don't want a Boeing in my room.
  5. yes,if you want high cfm silent fan then go with a single 200mm fan on top of your 912,it's more than enough.
    remember,more fans don't mean better performance.a 912 with 120mm front intake,200mm top exhaust and 120mm exhaust on back is most probably the best you can do with your case.
    good luck with your decision ;)
  6. Yeah others have said to just get a 200mm fan for the top. Should I get one for the front as well?

    And can you recommend me some 200mm fans? There don't seem to be a lot where I look.
  7. no,front 120mm is enough.for 200mm fans,i would suggest cooler master mega flow 200mm(red/blue)-
  8. 1 megaflow 200mm intake

    That's about it, you can take the front fan and put it as a top exhaust. There is no need for any side fans because you don't have a GPU. The top fan will help to OC the HD 4000!
  9. amuffin said:
    The top fan will help to OC the HD 4000!

    only if he checks out your overclocking hd 4000 thread LOL
  10. No lol, I don't plan on ocing the 4000.

    I will get a side fan just so I will have one when I do get my GPU.

    So I should still buy the Megaflow for the top, and the rest 120mm?

    I think 4 Yate Loons would be pretty loud but they move a good amount of air.

    Are they worth getting? I don't want it to be very loud by I can handle some noise.
  11. Firelance said:
    No lol, I don't plan on ocing the 4000.

    I will get a side fan just so I will have one when I do get my GPU.

    So I should still buy the Megaflow for the top, and the rest 120mm?

    I think 4 Yate Loons would be pretty loud but they move a good amount of air.

    Are they worth getting? I don't want it to be very loud by I can handle some noise.

    Depends on which ones you get, if you get medium or high and run them at max 24/7 then yes its gonna be fairly loud.

    I am using 3 x mediums on lowest settings, the loudest thing in my case is my 212 EVOs fan which I have set at 700RPMs.

    As for the temp change when I switched out my stock 912 fans (plus the additional 120mm I had in front) the temps dropped around 5-8c all around on low settings, max load.

    I can't speak for how good 200mm are or aren't because I have never used them. But 1 200mm is the same price as 4 yate loons.

    Might wanna grab either a fan controller or see if your motherboard has 5 fan slots (mine doesn't)
  12. Ok ski found some YL's for a good price. Four of them for $17 plus 8 for shipping so it would be $25. The fans would go two in front, one on side, and one on rear.

    For the top I would get the Megaflow 200mm.

    For the setup:

    Front is intake

    Top is exhaust

    Rear is exhaust

    Side is intake

    Is that setup good or should side be exhaust?
  13. Sounds good to me, experiment with the side fans speed to see if it helps anything.

    I was going to do that but ran out of screws :/
  14. Ok thanks for the help guys. I just realists that the fans come OEM. Are there any other sites you guys can give me, or possibly what screws I need?

    And I wanted to ask this the first post but I forgot, but can I even have 4 Yate Loons and 1 Megaflow in my system? Do I need to buy any additional cables? I am using the ASRock Z77 Extreme4.
  15. Yup. 4 yate loons will fit. And do you have the bag of screws that came with your case? I think all the needed screws are in there. I know the extra set of front screws are since you actually need those.

    2 in front, 1 on side 1 in back and the megaflow on top. and hmmm you "Might" need an extender as the included cables are kind of short. They fit for me though so I doubt it will be a problem (I had to route them behind my mobo to about where the cpu cut out is and they made that distance fine from the back of the case. if that helps at all)
  16. Hehe funny thing is I actually don't have the case just yet. I am buying all my parts on Saturday, so I wanted to plan before I got it. I will check the reviews of the case to see if they are.

    Would you recommend rubber screws if the screws aren't there?

    And if you can give me a link for the adapter that would be great.

    The loons are 3 pin RPM and 4 pin molex.

    The Mega is Also 3 pin.
  17. Rubber screws? I've never used those, D'you mean these

    You will need atleast 1 proper sized metal fan screw so you can thread it as I doubt rubber screws will work for that. other then that I see no problem with it.

    The extender is a just in case it doesn't reach sorta thing: http://www.amazon.com/Cables-Go-27392-3-pin-Extension/dp/B0002344PM/

    Hmmm. But sadly to control 3pin fans you need a fan controller (or to do the 7v mod on a molex if you are handy with stuff like that) This is the cheapest I would go (even though I personally am using a 5 dollar fan controller its not ideal it only has 2 speed settings, 100% and 10% -.-") http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811995016

    With the fan controller you wont need extensions since the included cables are long enough

    Sadly this is getting expensive :/

    Edit: hmmm, the case comes with 2 fans already (1 intake and 1 exhaust) Are you planning to overclock at all? I'm thinking maybe you should see how the stock cooling performs and if its lacking then upgrade it then. or atleast hold off on the megaflows since its 20 bucks :/ ... maybe I'm just being cheap but eh, its who I am :)
  18. If you honestly think I should wait I will. I mean usually the included fans that come are silent, but don't move air. Would those two fans suffice?

    And as for this getting expensive, yes it is. I thought this fan business would be quick but so far I have spend more time reviewing these fans than any other component lol.

    So if I got the controller no extensions needed?

    Maybe I should just get the controller to avoid all the extension business.

    For the type of controller though, I thought I read that if you have the same fans you only need a controller supporting 2, one of the YL, one for the Megaflow.

    But would I even need an extra for the Megaflow? Or are we just talking about the YL?

    And yes, I will be ocing.

    Another thing I am worried about is how many watts the controller will take. I bought a 620W PSU already and hope I still have some left over. I have yet to buy a 7850 which will take up some watts too.
  19. all this mounting stuff and sound dampening is crap.as i said earlier,a 200mm fan that sucks 110 CFM and remains dead silent at 19DB is freakin awesome.
  20. Nah, 1 fan controller is all you need for any fans, you could hook up an 80mm, 120mm, 140mm, 200mm, 220mm all at the same time, no difference its all the same voltages.

    As for the power problems, 620w will do you fine. I am using a 500w Antec 500D green, PSU for my current setup (athlon 2 x3 + 6870 + 3hdds + fan controller, etc)

    and the 6870 uses a bit more power than a 7870 (around 20w)



    I would be surprised if your fans used up more then 20w in total.

    What 7870 did you get btw.

    hellfire24 said:
    all this mounting stuff and sound dampening is crap.as i said earlier,a 200mm fan that sucks 110 CFM and remains dead silent at 19DB is freakin awesome.

    O_o yeah but... 4 times the price at half the space. I'm not knocking it, it just seems really expensive to me to buy a 20 dollar fan.

    Thats just me though :)
  21. Yes I am still getting a 200mm but am still thinking of getting two, one in front and one on top. I will have it on top for sure but I am wondering of getting it on the front.

    Would two YL just be better on front in terms of noise level and CFM ratio?
  22. Oops looks like I worded it wrong. I meant how many channels I would need for the one controller, my bad.

    And for my 7850, I will be going with the Sapphire 7850 (non OC) if they finally get back in stock. Or possibly wait for the 660 to come out.

    For the controller, would this work too?

  23. Yup that controller will work fine, Newegg has them in stock: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102986

    Also if you have less then 3 hard drives put them in the bottom rack and take out the top hdd cage, that helps airflow a lot.

    And I think the YLs would be better in the front do to the higher static pressure (the fan filters are really restrictive.
  24. Cool, cool. As for now I will only have one 2.5 SSD.

    As for the fan controller I listed, does it seem nice? The reviews are good and the mesh would match the HAF 912.

    I just want to make sure all of this stuff would be compatible. All my fans are 3-pin so I would just connect them with the included extended cables in the fan controller and plug them in?

    I also do not understand the 30W stuff. If each fan I have is on max, the fans alone would use 150W? If I turned the fans all the way down though, it still wouldn't waste that many watts, right?

    Sorry being a noob.
  25. Nah you are almost correct though. the 30w rating is just it saying it can handle up to that wattage of fan. Something like this, would be around or a bit more than 30w http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835706022

    It only draws how much power needed.... uhhm lets see, I have a cm fan in front of me right now it says 0.15A @ 12v so to get wattage we just multiply so it comes out to be around 2 watts give or take.

    And yes what I did for the cables is just shoved them behind my motherboard and hooked them up from that side, connect fans to fan controller and hook up molex connector to fan controller and you are done :)

    And yeah that fan controller is awesome, I'd buy it if/when this cheapo piece of tosh I have dies on me
  26. Ok so I know what controller and fans I am getting.

    I am still stuck on what my side fan should be. Intake or exhaust?

    If I set my front fans higher than the others would it be better for it to be exhaust so more air will leave?

    4 Yate Loons for two being in front, one on side and rear, and one 200mm CM Megaflow on top.

    Now I need to buy some screws for the Yate Loons. The case doesn't come with any.

    I asked before about the rubber screws and still wonder if they are any good. They are quite expensive tough. $2.50 for 4 of them. I need 16.

    I saw that Newegg had some and wondered if they would work fine.


    50 is not needed but meh.
  27. I would use it as intake, gpus need all the fresh air they can get.

    As for your question about front fans being higher, hm, I would have to think that it should still be intake, air heats up really fast so the time it takes to get from your front fan over your hard drives and to the gpu the air probably heated up a lot, so having a fan blowing in directly from the side keeps things cooler.

    At the end of the day I would experiment like this, run a game with the side fan on lowest, monitor temps, run the same game (preferably the same scene or map, heck I would just use furmark for this its easier) but this time with the side fan on max.

    If temps get cooler the lower the side fan is I would try it as exhaust and see what temps you get then.

    As for fan screws, I wouldn't bother getting plastic ones, if you are worried about vibrations then get some fan vibration dampeners, plastic screws seem to. Its not a soft plastic type of screw so if you get vibration noise with the metal screw its still gonna happen with the plastic one :)

    (just had a look around amazon for some fan dampeners, didn't find any cheap enough.)

    edit: to answer you "will these screws work" yes, they will.
  28. Thanks for the info man.

    I have been looking at the Cooling Fan Roundup for a while now and decided to go with two fans. Everflow and Yate Loon.

    I also took your advice to not buy all the fans, but just wait and try the stock ones out. I will take both fans included and put them in front using normal screws. I still do not know if the HAF 912 comes with extra screws for the case fans or not.

    This is what setup I am looking at..

    Front: Stock fans which are 120mm rated at 1200 RPM 17 dBA x 2

    Rear: Yate Loons Medium Speed 33 dBA 70.5 CFM

    Side: Cooljag Everflow 140mm x 25mm 26.5 dBA 74.20 CFM

    Top: Cooler Master Megaflow 200mm 110CFM 19 dBA

    Fan Controller: NZXT Sentry Mesh (Will be bought another time)

    And I just want to make sure.. even if it is 200/140/120mm.. will it still fit my case if it is for example 140mm x 25mm like the Cooljag is?

    Your opinions on this setup whether you think it is overkill or too loud please let me know. I know that most of the time the advertised RPM and dBA isn't exact.
  29. Yeah it will still fit, the only time you might have a problem with a fan not fitting is:

    1: you have a slim case or you don't have enough room between say the case and some huge heatsink (not a problem with the 912)
    2: if its a 200mm that isn't for that case. (all other sizes of fans below 200mm are standarized sizes so they fit everything of that size, so a NZXT 200mm wont fit a cooler master case, but any 140/120/etc will fit anything as long as you have the proper holes for it)

    The case comes with screws for the front 2 fans + the back fan, I know that for sure. as the front fans have to use special screws so you don't need to take out the HDD bays each time you wish to swap out fans.

    25mm is the width of the fan, its pretty standard size for any fan.

    As for the noise issue... Really depends on what your ambient noise is, at 12 at night with nothing going on in the house any noise annoys me, I can hear the sound of water dripping in the bathroom behind me 5ft and behind a wall.

    Gotta be honest the YLs are a bit loud at max RPMs (I am using the medium speeds) its not an annoying whirring whiny noise its more of the whoosh of air. I find the noise from my 212 evos fan MUCH more annoying at 70% (1500 - 1700RPMs)

    Just realized I had 3 of them on max... with only one on max the noise from the tv a few rooms over is much much more noticeable, at 6 in the morning with everyone sleeping.
  30. Haha thanks for the reply.

    Hopefully the fan controller will fix some of the loudness.

    I decided not to go with the 140mm and stick to the 4x Yate Loons.

    As for the 200mm fan, I am broke now so I won't buy it just yet. Should I stick the stock 120mm on top for now?
  31. I think the stock fans are sleeve bearing, if so then placing them horizontally will reduce the lifespan faster than if they were mounted vertically (this is even more true with yate loons) But if you have nothing to do with the fans you might aswell, right :)

    And yeah the fan controller will clear the noise right up.

    I have heard of fans lasting 5 months to 3 years with sleeve bearings mounted horizontal, so its really hit or miss.
  32. Yeah, I just read the same thing. The Megaflow I want to get is sleeve though.. :cry:

    I was aiming to get the Megaflow, now I really don't want to since I read about that issue. Besides, $20 for that fan is kind expensive too.

    I hate myself for switching the setup AGAIN, but if I need too I will.

    What do you think about 6 YLs in my system?
  33. YLs do not like to be mounted horizontally, they make alot more noise and die quicker. I hear fluid dynamic bearing fans work good for horizontal mounting but they are a bit more expensive.

    I would wait for choosing some expensive top case fans, or use the stock ones (unless you are giving them away or some other purpose, as its won't be a big deal if those fail) a good way to test if your system needs more exhaust airflow is to open your side panel, if temps drop then either put your exhaust fan a bit higher, live with it, or grab some other fan for the top. If the temps increase with the side panel off then you are fine with your current air flow, if it stays the same then you're fine also.
  34. Ok so for sure the four Yate Loons. No more debating over that.

    I just wanted to know if I should get the YL all the same or different speed. I don't know but I think them being 70.5 CFM and 33 dBA isn't that bad.

    Should I still get the 5 channel fan controller though? I highly doubt the stock fans will last me. I do plan on getting that 200mm, just not yet.
  35. I chose the medium speed ones, they are nice, high speed just seems like it would be to loud and with low speed seems like you are sacrificing some cooling for noise, would be ideal if you didn't have a fan controller (but even then I wouldn't get it, the airflow on lows is lacking)

    I don't have any real reason to go for mediums/low/high but I personally went with medium because its a nice middle ground.

    About the fan controller, in total you have 6 fan slots, 1 will be using a 200mm so that takes your total number of connections needed to 5, however if you wanted to swap out the 200mm for 2 120s you would need a 6 slot fan controller or to run one at max rpms all the time. (the stock fans have no noise running at max, but the airflow isn't all that great, in case you were wondering :) )

    Cheap 6 channel fan controller: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811998100

    Made by logisys, I know the majority of the PSUs they have are junk, most cases also. not sure if they make decent fan controllers.


    Made by sunbeam, they usually have nice fan controllers from most reports. However this model does have LEDs.

    its down to personal preference I suppose. in the end if you really loved that sunbeam controller you could always use a bit of black tape to cover it.
  36. I will go with the Sunbeam controller. I might just buy the six Yate Loons medium for my whole computer. Now I am stuck whether to get LED or just plain black lol. Thanks for all your help man.
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