Looking to buy this ~800$ Gaming build today

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  1. jakijaki said:


    The OCZ psu would not be on my list. They don't have a good reputation. I would stick with a Corsair, Seasonic or other quality unit. And, 550w would be plenty for your system if it's top quality.
  2. You could run an i3 + 560Ti and still get great performance. I'm running an i3-2120 and have no lag on Skyrim (very CPU-dependent) on full high x8/x8 AA/AAF.

    I could never run full Ultra with my 2500K + 560Ti because the GPU wasn't strong enough in crowded areas.
  3. Thank you for the replies! I feel dumb for not including an optical drive :( I'll rethink my list and update it a bit later. Thank you !
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