BitFenix Outlaw and the Corsair H80

Hey Guys,

I have a BitFenix Outlaw and wanted to build a LAN PC with some parts that I have and was wondering if any of you knew if the H80 would fit in it?
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  1. cant see why not

    looking at pictures of it possibly on the top or on the rear above the psu
  2. The thing that is throwing me off is the fact that the motherboard is inverted so I don't know if the rad+fans will obstruct the CPU socket :o I could always take some measurements and make a rough guess but then I could end up wasting £80+ /cry
  3. still think it will fit ok

    my raven rv02 has 90 degree motherboard rotation and i wondered if the h80 would fit

    it went in no problem
  4. I would purchase a better AIR COOLER, such as the NH-D14 which outperforms the H80.
  5. Was thinking that too but, and this may seem superficial, the NHD-14 isn't black and would conflict with my colour scheme :P
  6. Anodise the cooler?
  7. Sweet! I'll take a look, thanks guys :)
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