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I need to get a fan controller as my fans are just a little bit too loud for me, its not a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately as they are not crazy loud but i would like to run them at just a little bit slower speeds when i am not doing heavy tasks.


Fan Specs: 4 x YateLoons -- Intake
Rated Voltage: 12 Volts
Operation Voltage: 6.5~13.8 Volts
Input current: 0.30 Amp Max
Operation temperature: -10 to +65 C
Storage temperature: -40 to +70 C
RPM: 1650 +/- 10%
CFM: 70.5
dB: 33
Corners Closed

2 x Stock fans from the xspc rasa rx240 kit, Used as exhaust
Rated Voltage: 12 Volts
Input current: 0.18 Amp Stated
RPM: 1650

Not much info about this fan as I can only find what's written on the fan. Personal observations are that this fan is just a little bit louder than the yate loons but also pushes a bit more air than the yate loon.

I saw some fan controllers on newegg that gave me the idea of splitting the fans and plugging them into the motherboard to provide pwm control. Is there anything that you would recommend that can do that?

I want the most hassle-free control through temperatures. The yate loons speed will also effect what my cpu temps are.

Would like something that can fit in the rear pci slots, have enough space there. Front bays are all full including hdd racks.

System Specs:

CPU - i7-2600k
Motherboard - Asus Z68 pro
Ram - Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb 1600 cas 9
HSF - Hyper 212 evo Corsair H80 XSPC Rasa RX240 Kit
HDD - Spinpoint 1tb HDD Hd103sj x2
SSD - Crucial M4 128gb
PSU - XFX PRO850W XXX Silver
GPU - Gigabyte 6850 OC
Case - Cooler Master Storm Scout

Thank you!!
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  1. Are you looking for something like an analog controller with knobs? Or something such as an led panel that would mount on the front of your case?
  2. I would prefer something that can be easily hidden inside the case, and then reroute control to the motherboard. Me controlling the fans manually is not a must.
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    on your board you got 3x3 pins fans connectors also 1 4 pins plus another 4 pins cpu optional.the 3 pins will not control speed but the 4 pins one will do
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